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The cost of college education at a reputable private university offering four-year degrees may cost over $20,000 a year. Although half of that would be enough to pay for tuition at a public university, the financial challenges are still insurmountable for most students. Getting a college education need not be a privilege enjoyed only by the financially endowed. Instead, it should be an open door waiting for interested students from all walks of life. In fact, a lot of colleges, universities, and foundations are now offering all kinds of scholarships and grants for eligible students.

Easy to Get College Scholarships

There are now countless websites having free information on particular scholarships, educational grants, and student loans. But what exactly should one consider in deciding which to apply for? Any student looking for financial assistance for his college education should know what scholarships, educational grants, and student loans are. Oftentimes, scholarships are given based on scholastic merit while educational grants are usually awarded to students who are financially lacking. Both are considered monetary awards, unlike student loans which have “strings of attachment” based on the agreed terms of payment. Despite the differences among the three, they all provide financial assistance to qualified students like you.

To make your scholarship hunt easier, we have a list of scholarships and grants grouped according to location, field of study, specialized degree, and minorities. Aside from these, athletic scholarships and company-sponsored grants are also included. You can also find helpful information on application procedures and requirements.


For students who don’t want to pack their bags and leave home sweet home, there are state-based scholarships available all over the country. If you’re in Pennsylvania, The Villanova University (VU) offers a couple of scholarships you might be interested in. For full-time undergraduates who are low in cash, you can apply either for the Villanova University Grant or the federal government-sponsored Federal Pell Grant. Other grants sponsored by the federal government include the Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant (gives $750 for freshmen, $1,300 for sophomores), the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and the PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency) Grant .

The State University of New York (SUNY) also has scholarships and grants given to deserving students. Like VU, they also have Federal Pell Grants (worth over $4,050 each year) and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) (worth $1,000 each year). The New York Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is also made available to students who are dependents of NY-based families having net taxable incomes of over $80,000 or higher. Annual awards for undergraduates may range from $500 to full payment of tuition.

Meanwhile, the Texas State has scholarships given by a particular department or college. You can visit their website for complete information on scholarships offered to students taking up any of the following areas of study: Business administration, Applied Arts and Technology, Science, Education, Health Professions, Fine Arts and Communication, and Liberal Arts.

At Florida, seven finalists and thirteen honorable mention winners can qualify for the Florida College Student of the Year Award and receive a portion of the award worth over $65,000. Monetary award can be spent not only on educational expense.

Field of Study

Scholarships and grants are also offered to students studying particular areas of study – ranging from business and health sciences to information technology and liberal arts. There are also scholarships offered to specializations under a particular field of study (i.e., Crime Scene Investigation for Law Enforcement studies, Television Production for Communications studies).

At the University of Iowa, the Henry B. Tippie College of Business has special scholarship offers for Accounting freshmen. Qualified students may apply for any of the following: Accounting Freshman Scholarship, James W. Birkenstock Scholarship, Jo & Bill Barnes Freshmen Accounting Scholarship, or Early Admission Program Scholarship.

Would you like to be the next Meredith Grey or Gregory House? You can get your medical degree for free if you qualify for any of the Charles E. Culpeper Scholarships in Medical Science. Almost three monetary awards worth $108,000 are given every year to qualified applicants. For details regarding application, visit the Partnership for Cures website.

Specialized degree

Are you planning to get an associate degree? Or perhaps contemplating on that doctorate? Whatever degree you’re planning to take, there are scholarships available and you can choose among those for general courses or for particular areas of study.

The Truman Scholarship awards almost $30,000 to interested juniors taking up graduate studies related to public service. Qualified students will be given invitations to The Truman Fellows Program, the Public Service Law Conference, the Truman Scholar Leadership Week, and the Summer Institute. Truman scholars are required to work for three years at any public service institution upon completion of their degrees.

The Michigan 4C Association provides assistance to students planning to take an associate degree in Child Development or Early Childhood Education at any university or community college offering 60 to 72 credit hours as defined by the course program. To become eligible, applicants must be working at a licensed group home or child care facility for 30 hours a week. For other information, you may look into their website.


Aside from scholarships for African American, women, GLBTs (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered), Native Americans, and Hispanics, there are also special scholarships for left-handed and tall people. Yes, they are also considered minorities. For left-handed students at Pennsylvania, they can avail of scholarships offered by the Juanita College in Huntingdon. For first year college students with towering physiques, you can apply for the Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships worth $1,000 each. Applicants should be aged 21 and can comply with the TCI height qualifications (a minimum of 6’2” for male and 5’10” for female). Kindly refer to their websites for more details.

Student Loans

Although most student loans are made available to all, there are also some federal government-sponsored loans which require proof of financial need such as the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). You can look into student loans offered by banks, states, and private lenders. To find a good student loan, consider the agreed terms (date and mode of payment), disbursement, and your degree and credit history.

Athletic and Company-sponsored Scholarships

Aside from scholarships offered by colleges and universities, there are also national organizations and multi-national companies sponsoring college education. For student athletes who have impressive academic and athletic background, you may want to consider getting an (National Collegiate Athletic Association) scholarship. To keep up with the competition of hiring the brightest minds, multi-national companies also have scholarships for eligible students. For reliable scholarships, check the Fortune 500 list.

It has been no secret that degree holders are the ones who are most likely to succeed in their chosen career environment. But then opportunities to enroll in a university are limited to those who are financially capable. This, however, is a thing of the past.

With various foundations, organizations, and even multi-national companies offering scholarships, it's not hard to imagine yourself excelling in your chosen field. Through our accessible scholarship information, you can find the best scholarships, apply online, and earn that diploma you've been dreaming of. With our comprehensive guide including free information request templates, essay writing tips, links to scholarship sites, and scholarship information such as criteria for eligibility and monetary awards, it's now easy to get that coveted degree for free.

List of Scholarships

Through our list of scholarships categorized according to field of study, location, and minority, we make your choosing less complicated. Aside from the list, we have also began offering a few scholarships of our own.

Our list of scholarships lets you find what would suit your needs. We offer free information on grants for Native Americans who are eligible for tribal funds and for women who are interested to study. Aside from scholarships for minority groups like hispanics, we also have those for specific fields of study. There are available medical scholarships for students planning to take up medicine. We also offer a variety of scholarships for degrees like business as well as health care-related ones like nursing and massage therapy. Scholarships for students with health conditions are also available.

College Scholarships and Financial Aid Information