A More Rewarding Career through Social Sciences Scholarship

If you find yourself enthused with almost anything that moves and revolves around you, then you can be a strong candidate to take one of the numerous courses in the Social Sciences department. Social Sciences deal with the study of the human life and how people may react to the norms and changes that affect them. With the fervent interest to research and data analysis, you can satisfy your curiosity on evolving social issues, and at the same time, find a personally rewarding career. But should you find the rising tuition a problem, you may always ask for financial assistance from both public and private sectors that provide additional college funds. Remember that before you may proceed with your application, you first have to identify your field of specialization.

Fields of Social Sciences

Social Sciences caters to numerous fields of study such as history, politics, psychology, and economics. To help you decide, you should focus on a particular field that will complement your personal goals, traits, and skills.

If you're the sensitive type who enjoys dealing with different types of people, you can choose Psychology as your field of specialization. As a Psychology major, you'll be trained to do counseling for family and personal relationships. You will also deal with other social concerns such as substance abuse, poverty, and domestic violence. However, in able to pursue a clinical service, you first have to earn a Master's degree. Graduates of this course usually end up working in schools as a counselor, in private companies as a human resource specialist, as well as in hospitals and other facilities where they can use their acquired knowledge and skills.

Under the Social Sciences field, students may also seek a human services career. They may work for non-government organizations or community-based facilities that focus on social welfare. Through outreach programs, they can also make significant contributions by helping more people with their plight.

Meanwhile, graduates with Linguistics and History majors may also work as part of the academe. But aside from teaching, they may also be commissioned to do research projects about social development and issues pertaining to cause and effects. Their focus of study may involve a specific community or a larger population. The results of their survey and analysis may be used as a guide for validating facts and initiating changes on the subject.

Political Science and Economics students, on the other hand, may find positions in government agencies and private companies. They can use their expertise on feasibility studies or research analysis.

Scholarships Grants for Social Sciences

Scholarships for Social Sciences students are widely available for undergraduate and post-graduate studies. However, you first have to research the merits of existing programs, so you'll know which foundation may consider your application. All across the country, there are community colleges and public universities that sponsor additional college funds based on the student's financial need and academic credits. Others may offer grants to incoming freshmen, while some limit their awards to current students in junior or senior years.

In Utah State University, you may find a list of programs that extend financial assistance to deserving students. It can be based on leadership potentials, academic merits, or through endorsement by a faculty staff. One example is the Conway B. and Elaine W. Sonne Memorial Scholarship that continues to give both college and post-graduate students the opportunity to pursue any career in the various fields of Social Sciences.

Meanwhile, Cal State-Fullerton also grants $500 college fund to non-traditional students. In supporting this cause, its scholarship programs also evaluate the candidates based on their personal goals that complement the selection of the course. The Social Sciences department of Fullerton College and California State University also recognize the eligibility of their college students based on financial need along with their significant participation in extracurricular activities.

Other academic institutions such as the Wellesley College in Massachusetts also offers full-scholarship grants worth $21,500 for Social Sciences graduate studies. Community-based foundations, private sectors, and federal agencies also finance Social Science researches and dissertations.

Tips to Qualify for Social Sciences Scholarship

A GPA score of 3.0 is the standard requirement for most scholarship grants. Aside from this, you also have to secure letters of recommendation, transcript of records, and a valid application form. To ensure a higher chance for success, keep these tips in mind:

 Be among the first to submit a scholarship application.
 Be part of school and community organizations that emphasize on leadership potentials and social skills.
 Keep your resume short but impressive enough. Include only the relevant details for evaluation.
 Establish personal goals and character traits on your essay and express the willingness to make a positive difference in your society.
 Focus on your need for a scholarship and prove yourself more worthy than other students.

With thousands of applicants, you may find it hard to secure a sure slot for a scholarship grant. But with patience and dedication, there's a good chance that you can beat all the others and be able to finally earn your college degree.