A Scholarship for Pharmacy Students is the Remedy

Pharmacy is one interesting field that only those who are interested and who truly care about improving the health care system can possibly survive in. But in exchange for the time spent in studying dosages, measurements, formulas, and pills, successful graduates of a degree in Pharmacy face a lucrative career.

Not only is the job well-paid, it is also well-respected. There is always an increasing demand for reliable, trusted, and qualified pharmacists. As pharmaceutical treatment becomes more sophisticated, more complex, and increasingly more in number, more and more pharmacists are sought after by the industry. As the demand rises, so does the compensation.

Now, here is a bitter pill to swallow for you who aspire to become a pharmacist but has yet to get a degree in pharmacy. The demand for qualified pharmacists rises, the compensation for those who meet the qualification standard also rises, and the competition also inevitably rises among those who are just at the bottom stage wanting to become pharmacists someday. The competition starts as early as high school graduation, at about the time that you decide together with thousands and perhaps millions of other young people to pursue a Pharmacy degree. Your college education for a pharmacy program depends upon getting a dependable scholarship.

If you want to apply for a scholarship in pharmacy, you are advised to review first the pharmacy schools’ requirements for entrance. There are pharmacy schools that send invitation to select applicants who have qualified for scholarships. The applicants in turn will send their application to the scholarship providers. Other pharmacy schools on the other hand have open scholarship policy, in which any student who thinks that s/he is qualified for a scholarship can apply.

After a pharmacy school admits you, the school’s scholarship committee will have your application reviewed. Based on the policy of the committee, you will either be invited by the committee to attend an interview or given a letter of approval or rejection of your application.

High grades in high school and high scores in competitive tests give a higher chance to get a scholarship in pharmacy. Aspiring students may try to inquire about the available scholarships.

Scholarships by the American Pharmacists Association

Nine scholarships are given by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Student Scholarships to at least incoming second year pharmacy students. An average of 2.75 in grades is a requirement. Applicants must also submit to the committee for the scholarship a scholarship essay of 500 words. Applicants must also be active in the local chapters of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP). $1,000 is the amount to be received by each successful applicant.

Schooling Aid by Rite Aid

The Rite Aid Competitive Pharmacy Scholarships are given to ten pharmacy students whose average is at least 2.5 and have two years at least of schooling in the pharmacy degree. Another qualification required is that the applicant must have been a Rite Aid intern or if not, s/he must be a dependent of a Rite Aid worker. If you do not meet any of the two criteria, you may still have a chance for a scholarship depending on the location of your pharmacy school. Students of pharmacy schools in Wisconsin, Arkansas, Minnesota, and other states without Rite Aid pharmacy are qualified for scholarship application. $1,500 awaits each successful applicant.

Other Organizations Giving Scholarships

The American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists combined their efforts to come up with a scholarship called the "Gateway To Research." Three scholarships, $5,000 each, are offered to students of pharmacy to guide them towards a research-centered degree in pharmacy. A stipend of $500 is also given to the scholars for their attendance in the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. An undergraduate student of pharmacy must complete first her/his first year program for a bachelor’s degree so that s/he will qualify. A student of the graduate studies meanwhile must complete two years in a degree program of Pharm.D. Online application can be done through the website of the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education.

Other scholarships are available from other pharmacy schools and sponsors. These scholarships are one of the most reliable remedies for rising costs of pharmacy education.