Adult Scholarships: Nobody is Too Old for School

Adult Scholarships

When it comes to education, age does not matter. Whether you are a 13-year old whiz kid accelerated to college or a 50-year old working mom hoping to rekindle your passion for learning, the academe will open its gates wide to welcome you. As such, adults who have stopped from schooling for a long period of time should not worry about whether or not he will still be accepted in the college or university of his choice.

But while age does not matter in education, money does. For this reason, a lot of adults are hesitant over the idea of going back to school. Even though most adults who wish to pursue a college degree are already working, paying for college through their own paychecks just isn’t an attractive option. Fortunately, there are now a number of scholarship programs adults who plan to go back to college can take advantage of.

Available Adult Scholarship Grants

The Executive Women International (EWI) is one of the many organizations that offer scholarship grants to adult or returning college students. Through its Adult Students in Scholastic Transition or ASIST, the program aims to finance the college education of adults who cannot simply pay for it. The ASIST scholarship program is available through different EWI chapters all over the United States. It awards $2,500 to each deserving recipient, which is already inclusive of tuition. Every EWI chapter has its own specified deadline for scholarship applications, so be sure to check with the local chapter in your area for it.

The Adventures in Education or AIE is a non-profit organization that doles out financial assistance to help students complete their journey through college. It was founded in 1995 and among the first online websites that are truly dedicated to helping students acquire financial aid in college. This generous organization has an adult scholarship grant that is worth $3,000 to $5,500. Applicants of this scholarship program must demonstrate their academic potentials through job accomplishments and active community involvement.

Meanwhile, the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) is an organization that aims to help employees advance their careers by offering adult scholarship grants. However, unlike most scholarship programs that offer financial assistance, BAVC’s scholarship program offers free classes and training to adults. If you work in the fields of information technology and media, BAVC has two scholarship programs you may participate in: Digital Directions and MediaLink.

Colleges and Universities with Adult Scholarship Programs

There are also colleges and universities that have their own adult scholarship programs. The University of Wisconsin has three scholarships for adults: the Alma Baron Second Chance for Women and the Osher Reentry Scholarship. The Alma Baron Second Chance for Women is for female applicants who are more than 45 years old. This scholarship program awards $5,000 financial aid, which is renewable for five years. Meanwhile, the Osher Reentry Scholarship is for those who are 25 to 50 years old. The recipient of this scholarship programs gets $5,000 worth of financial assistance, which covers the tuition and other school expenses.

The University of Louisville in Kentucky similarly offers adult scholarships to its students. The university offers the Beth K. Fields Scholarship, which is open to students who are not younger than 25 years old. This scholarship program offers full coverage of tuition and is awarded once a year only.

Requirements of Adult Scholarship Programs

Adult scholarship programs don’t just award grants based on age and financial need. In most cases, adult scholarship programs are also looking for recipients who demonstrate academic excellence. Many scholarship programs have GPA requirement of not lower than 2.5, and some even require applicants to have high ACT and SAT scores.

However, grades and scores are not only things that matter to the sponsors of scholarship grants. More often than not, they also want applicants who are dynamically involved in the society. As such, participation in community services and membership in clubs matter. In addition, personal achievements also count, so make sure that you have a long list of them if you are planning to apply for an adult scholarship.

Challenges of Acquiring Adult Scholarships

Adult students have difficulty acquiring scholarships for a number of reasons. This is because while there are thousands of scholarship programs available out there, the majority of them are for incoming college freshmen who are fresh from high school. This means that adult students who have transferred their credits from one school to another are excluded.

Another reason adult students find it hard to obtain scholarships is the schedule. A lot of scholarship programs require their recipients to enroll on a full-time basis, which is hard for those who are already working. And since adult students are already earning, they are already not eligible for those scholarships that require financial incapability.