Asians Grant for Asian American Students

Getting a college education is very important for many Asian American students. Most of these people come from poor families and they know that having an education can really help improve their life as well as their family’s life. Asian Americans are probably the fastest growing minority group in the country today. That is why many organizations are offering an Asians grant to help pursue the college education of such minority groups.

One of the most popular organizations offering an Asians grant is the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA). AAJA was established in 1981 to provide support and encouragement to Asian American and Pacific Islander journalists. It also provides guidance, advice and scholarships to Asian American and Pacific Islander students who wish to pursue a career in journalism. The organization offers three different grants: the AAJA Internship Grant for Broadcast, AAJA/Chicago Tribune Print and New Media Internship Grants and the Stanford Chen Internship Grant. The AAJA Internship Grant for Broadcast is awarded to one person per year. It provides $2,000 to help pay the transportation costs as well as living expenses of an Asian American who is on an internship at a television or radio network. The AAJA/Chicago Tribune Print and New Media Internship Grants program is provided to one or more individuals who are working at a news organization, either in print or online. The grant provides $1,500 that could be used for living or transportation expenses. Meanwhile, the Stanford Chen Internship Grant is provided to three individuals who are working as interns at either a medium-sized newspaper or a broadcasting station. One of the three grant recipients should be a resident of the Pacific Northwest.

The Asian Cultural Council (ACC) is another organization that provides support to Asians. It provides financial aid to Asians who are working in the visual or performing arts. The grant money will be used for people who are studying, conducting research, undergoing specialized training or participating in observation tours in the United States. American citizens can also apply for funding if they want to be involved in such activities in Asia. If you wish to seek an Asians grant, submit a request for funding in a letter form. If the activity is within the funding guidelines of ACC, you will be asked to submit further information so that your application can be assessed fully.

If you are a resident of New York City and of Asian descent, you may take advantage of an Asians grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts. The foundation is providing grants that range from $250 to $2,500 to city residents who are working in the visual, literary or performing arts. Another grant offered for Asians is the Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP). SEASREP Grants are available in the following types of research or study: Language Training Grant, Luisa Mallari Fellowship and the Comparative and Collaborative Research Grant. The Language Training Grant is offered to Southeast Asian students and teachers who want to study a Southeast Asian language other than their own.