Automotive Trades

Students planning to take a career in the field of automotive but are financially lacking may consider applying for scholarships offered by colleges, foundations, and even automotive companies. As with all scholarship programs, these have corresponding qualifications for eligibility. Aside from taking up automotive trade, studying the following will also make a student eligible for scholarship:

* Auto Body and Paint
* Automotive Technology
* Collision Repair and Refinishing
* Diesel and Truck Technology
* Motorcycle Technology
* Master Certified Automotive Technology
* NASCAR and Pit Crews
* Upholstery

Area-Based Scholarships

South Arkansas Community College (SACC) and Houston Community College (HCC) are just some of the colleges offering scholarships. Although there are many scholarships available, some colleges offer financial aid only for high school graduates from a particular area. For El Dorado high school graduates with excellent records during their dual vocational program, they may apply for a Jonathan M. Warren Memorial Scholarship. They will receive $500 annually if they meet the following qualifications:

*They must have taken up eight hours of college credit and attained a 2.0 or higher grade point average.
*They must be recommended by their high school counselor.
*They must earn six hours or more per semester.

Their scholarship may be renewed only if they complete six college hours and retain a 2.5 grade point average.

Another scholarship offered is the Trades and Industry Scholarship where Union County high school graduates who have excellent records during their dual vocation program may qualify. To become eligible, they must have finished eight hours of college work and earned a 2.5 or higher grade point average. Aside from this, they must take up six hours or more per semester and be recommended by their high school counselor. Unlike the first scholarship, monetary support will depend on its availability.

In Houston Community College, the BMW Automotive Scholarship is offered annually. BMW in North America, one of the most prestigious automotive brands, offers to pay the tuition, tools, books and other fees of eight qualified students. To be eligible, students should live in the district and comply with the college requirements. They should have taken the state-wide TAKS exam, and they must have a minimum average of “C.” Aside from having their driving records reexamined, they should also submit an essay on why they qualify as scholars.

For high school graduates in California, they may apply for monetary awards given by the Automotive Service Councils of California Educational Foundation. All high school graduates who wish to enroll in a vocational or technical school may apply. College undergraduates who have subjects in automotive trades may also apply. Both should have a minimum grade of 3.0 in automotive classes and a minimum of 2.0 grade point average.

Other Automotive Scholarships

Because the automotive business is not only open to men, the Automotive Women's Alliance (AWA) was founded to give scholarship grants to interested women. Women taking up design or engineering and are planning to work in the automotive field are also qualified. Scholars will receive $2,500 each.

Illinois-based students may apply for a $500-worth scholarship sponsored by the Automotive Parts and Service Association of Illinois (APSA). They should be high school graduates or students currently enrolled on a full-time basis at accredited schools and must have written recommendation from an APSA member. Scholars may reapply for four years.

Located in Dearborn, Michigan, the Automotive Hall of Fame gives away fifteen scholarships to interested students who are financially challenged. Students should be enrolled on a full-time basis at any accredited college. Some of the scholarships given annually are the following: the Harold Dieckmann Draper Sr. Scholarship (accepts undergraduates enrolled in upper level courses and attain a 3.4 minimum grade point average), the Dorothy M. Ross Memorial Scholarship (open for undergraduates who have a 3.0 minimum grade point average overall) and the Walter W. Stillman Scholarship (accepts students enrolled on a full-time basis at Northwood University).

Another option is to work for automotive companies like Auto Zone or CARQUEST who are willing to pay educational fees. To be one of the fifteen students who will receive $2,500 from Auto Zone, you should meet the following criteria:

*An employee or a dependent of an employee having at a least one year of service
*A graduating high school student having excellent academic records and leadership skills
*An active participant in extracurricular activities, community service

Four scholarships amounting to $1,000 each will be awarded to qualified relatives of CARQUEST technicians. Any employee can apply for an educational grant if he intends to become a full-time student.