Available Student-Type Grant

Education after high school is expensive but not unattainable with the right kind of financial assistance such as a student-type grant. Unlike student loans or other forms of financial assistance, a grant is a type of financial aid that will allow you to attain your educational objective without having to worry about loan payment or loan forgiveness later on. The student-type grant includes financial assistance for educational pursuits of those students who are members of the minority, women, disabled and those looking for non-traditional learning.

Students with specific ethnic backgrounds such as Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans and African-Americans are eligible for various financial resources when pursuing higher education especially in areas where their presence is less represented. These fields include education in sciences, technology, businesses and the arts. An example of this student-type grant is the Sons of Italy National Leadership Grants competition which provides financial aid of up to $25,000 for some 10-13 undergraduate and graduate students with Italian descent. Among these available resources, the United Negro College Fund is probably the most active providing funding for at least 36 African American schools since its foundation in 1942.
Another student-type grant 14 is geared specifically to aid women seeking educational assistance. These funds may be given based on field of study or based on a woman’s educational purpose. The Association for Women in Sciences, for instance, provides educational grants for women pursuing degrees in the fields of science such as engineering, mathematics, technology or general sciences, whether undergraduates or doctoral degrees. Most of the financial assistance provided by private funds similar to this is competitive in nature and thus, one of the eligibility parameters include excellent academic performance or record aside from financial need. Some of the educational financial aid that are beneficial to women are based on their current situation such as those who women who are single parents in need of better education to improve employment status or those who have experienced violent abuse and need to reinvent their lives through education. There are also college grants available for older women (or those aged 35 and older).

Financial educational assistance for disabled persons is also considered a student-type grant and is readily available. Based on the Disabilities Education Act of 1975, students who have disabilities cannot be discriminated against and there are several organizations that provide assistance to them in the form of educational grants. Some educational assistance is specific to certain disabilities and others are more general. The American Foundation for the Blind and the National Federation for the Blind both award scholarships for students who are legally blind. The National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease award grants in Maryland for people with disabilities in the graduate level. Just like any other type of financial assistance, certain eligibility requirements will apply but the first step to getting it is to inquire. Much more information can be found online at college scholarship websites.