Be In College Because Of Baseball

When people think of college, the money needed for the tuition and other miscellaneous fees would most likely come to mind. There are students who are not able to pursue a college degree simply for the reason that they do not have the means to finance their education. There are those whose grade point averages just fall short of getting awarded a merit-based scholarship. What are these students to do?

Now that there are a wide variety of scholarships available for individuals of every kind, it is easier to get into college. Baseball scholarship programs, for example, now proliferate each state. For those who are interested in getting into college through the aid of a baseball scholarship, below is a list of some offered in the United States.

Andrew College Athletic Scholarships

Situated in Southwest Georgia, Andrew College grants athletic scholarships, including baseball scholarships, to deserving students. These scholarships are granted to students who show exceptional athletic ability and great performance potential in an intercollegiate arena. The grant awarded would be based upon the need and skill of the individual, and the availability of funds. For more information, contact Mike Riffe at 229.209.5270 or

The American Legion Baseball Scholarship

The American Legion Baseball will be giving out 51 scholarships (one for each department) to exceptional college baseball players. Each scholarship is worth $1,000 and must be utilized within 8 years of the awardee's graduation from high school. The player must be part of a team that is affiliated with an American Legion Post. He must have graduated from high school and must attach a copy of his high school transcript to the application form, along with three letters of testimony. More information can be found at

Northwood University-Texas Athletic Scholarships

For those who live in the state of Texas, they need not go far to get a baseball scholarship in order to go to college. The Northwood University situated in Texas gives away scholarships to athletes. Amounts awarded will be decided on by the athletic director. The scholarships are also renewable, so individuals who have been granted the athletic scholarship may re-apply for it a second time.

Casey Pohl Memorial Foundation Scholarship

The Casey Pohl Memorial Foundation awards one scholarship every year to a graduating high school student from either William Fremd or Palatine High School who are planning on pursuing post-secondary studies. The applicants must a varsity baseball player. An essay must be attached with the application. The scholarship is worth $2500. More information can be garnered by contacting the foundation.

Dakota State University Athletic Scholarship

The Dakota State University offers the DSU Baseball Endowed Scholarship. This is awarded to returning or new baseball players of the university. Selection is based upon academic standing and moral character. The choosing is done by the coaching staff of DSU's baseball team.

Jack Sutliff Memorial Baseball Scholarship

The Jack Sutliff Memorial Baseball Scholarship is awarded to one undergraduate individual enrolled in Missouri State University who happens to be a member of the baseball team. The applicant must at least be in his sophomore year or higher, and must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

Dr. Ray Palmer Baseball Scholarship

The Dr. Ray Palmer Baseball Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students attending Creighton University who are actively participating as members of the baseball team. The selection of awardees will be done based on one's financial need and academic achievement. The applicants must also be permanent residents or U.S. citizens, and must file for FAFSA.

To get a scholarship, it is advisable that one searches early, as much as possible, even when one is still in high school, he must already keep his eyes open for possible scholarships that he can apply for when the time comes that he would need to do so. This would give him more choices and chances of getting approved. One must also make sure that his application is free from typographical errors, and is neat and clean. When showing up for interviews, he must also make sure that he looks presentable as well and acts confident.

With a wide variety of baseball scholarships to choose from, students need not fret because of lack of money. Playing their favorite sport can actually take them to college. It is just a matter of persevering, being patient, and doing good in both academics and the sport chosen.