Be worry-free with a Health Sciences degree

With health sciences now having different fields ranging from paramedics to forensics, it has offered students more options in getting a medical career. But earning a degree in health sciences can be expensive, especially for those planning to get a Ph.D.

Getting a scholarship from foundations and colleges can really be a big help in lessening the financial burden. Aside from the many scholarships up for grabs, any student can easily find the perfect scholarship in terms of course studies or location. But if you have not yet narrowed down your area of study, you can apply for general scholarships offered by state-based training programs and health sciences departments in most colleges.

Scholarships in Nursing

The Santa Fe Community College in Florida has several scholarships for full-time nursing students who are residents of Bradford or Alachua. Interested students may apply for any of the following: the Jean Rae Bronson Nursing Scholarship (open to students who hold a 2.5 GPA and are planning to earn Associate Degrees), the Nursing Education Scholarship (offered to students who finished prerequisite programs, maintained a 2.5 overall GPA, and would like to earn Associate Degrees), and the Village Nursing Scholarship (given to students having a minimum of 2.0 GPA in high school and are interested in pursuing certificate programs, AA, and AS degrees).

Scholarships in Medicine

The West Virginia Rural Health Education Partnerships has a health sciences scholarship program open for medical students in their senior year at any school of medicine or osteopathy and are entering for internship or residency program in West Virginia. Students who are about to finish their primary care educational program for nurse practitioners or physician assistants, graduate program in physical therapy, or master's degree nursing program in West Virginia may also apply. Scholarships worth $20,000 will be awarded to medical students. For students in other fields of study, scholarships amounting to $10,000 will be given. After training, nurse or medical practitioners, physician assistant students, and physical therapy students are required to practice for two years in areas short of health professionals.

Career Paths in Health Sciences

Listed below are a few of the possible career paths in the field of health sciences. Included are some of the scholarships offered to particular areas of study.

Students interested in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Paramedic can now worry only about the stressful demands of their future jobs. The problem of paying for the best training program can be easily solved. Paramedic scholarships amounting to $500 each are offered by the New Hampshire Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians to students who are taking up a 2-year Paramedic program in New Hampshire. An excellent EMT who is studying paramedic courses may apply for a Bucks County Emergency Health Council EMT Scholarship Award worth $800.

For students planning to follow their parents' footsteps in becoming police officers, firefighters, or EMS personnel, try applying for a Boundtree Medical Legacy Scholarship. A total of $50,000 will be divided among applicants to cover for expenses. They can either enroll in any EMS course and acquire an EMT certification or study further for a Paramedic certification. Qualified students should get certification through state programs.

After the airing of the popular series, CSI, students have become interested in taking up forensics. Although a career in forensics may include identifying the victim and dusting for fingerprints just like in the hit TV series, there can be a lot of competition in bagging the best scholarships around. The American Society of Crime Lab Directors offers annual educational grants to undergraduate students who are in their third year of study. They should submit letters of recommendation and application essays. Qualified students may receive financial aid amounting to $1,000.

Students taking up healthcare administration can also find a good scholarship. This field in health sciences focuses on the management side of health care which includes promoting the organization, maintaining facilities, providing source of funds, and establishing research and development. The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), an organization of healthcare management employees, offers qualified students a fellowship grant or a minority scholarship. The Stuart Wesbury, Jr. Postgraduate Fellowship gives outstanding postgraduate students an opportunity to do fellowship and receive an allowance amounting to $44,000. For graduate students belonging to minority groups, consider applying for an Albert Dent Graduate Student Scholarship. The award is given based on ACHE membership and monetary need.

In most medical series and even in real life, keeping track of patients' medical histories is very important that failing to do so can cause complications. With health information technology, this job has now become hassle-free, more accurate, and even paperless through online patient databases. The Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) in Minnesota has the Minnesota Health Information Management Scholarship to financially assist health information technology students. Applicants should live in Minnesota and write an award-winning essay to receive a $1,000 scholarship.