Blog Your Way To An Education: A Blogging Scholarship

Not so long ago, as a way to record our daily musings, we jot them down on notebooks. Until blogging came along and changed the whole journal writing experience. But then again, with the dawn of the bloggers' age, when everybody seem to be so excited to have their own blog, there are just quite a few blog sites that are interesting to read or are even readable. Others seem to have just hopped into the bandwagon and took the ride, posting whatever here and there, without even having a real interest in it. Simply put, these blogs do not have any interesting entry at all.

Apart from those people who make blogging a fad, there are still quite a few ones who take it seriously and do real writing though. Usually, those who have intellectually stimulating blogs are those who are really passionate about writing or are either students or professionals. Does this mean that only learned people can write competitively? Or if the quality of writing defines the intellectual capability of a person, can this be a basis for a student to avail of a scholarship?

A Scholarship for Bloggers?

Let's face it, it is very expensive to get an education nowadays, specially in college. If there are scholarships out there for Americans and other minority groups or races, for women or athletes, why can't there be a scholarship for bloggers too?

Well, you know, there is actually a scholarship that is given to bloggers annually. College have been helping students by giving out different kinds of scholarship and financial aid all across America for the past 7 years. And since one of those who founded this company is a blogger himself, earns his keep through it and is very passionate about it, they decided to offer a $5,000 worth scholarship for bloggers in 2006. And for this year, the one who would be chosen will be awarded a whopping $10,000!

How Can You Join?

If you are a U.S. citizen, a full time college student with a 3.0 GPA and you have a blog, you are most eligible to join. Your blog should be very appealing not just to the eyes but also to the intellect. It should contain your passions and thoughts, and should not just be original but exceptional as well. Spam bloggers would not be tolerated and/or accepted.

To qualify for this scholarship, you should be nominated by a friend or family or you can nominate your own self as well. When you apply, attach with your application an essay of 300 words. Or if you want to nominate others, you should state the reason for your nomination. The choice of topics for the essay writing and the application form is available online at the College Scholarships organization's website. A board of evaluators will pick out 10 finalists from the submitted nominations. From there, the public shall decide who among the 10 finalists should the blogger scholarship be awarded to.

Political Bloggers

Last year's scholarship winner is a political blogger. In terms of the scope of audience and/or voters, regular bloggers will find it hard to compete with political bloggers. And so, College put up a separate scholarship for them.

The requirements for this and the regular blogger scholarship are quite the same. All U.S. citizens who are currently enrolled full time in college and has a 3.0 GPA are qualified to join. The only difference is that your blog entries should deal with current events, political issues and other related subjects, of course. You should also include in your application which party you adhere or belong to. The panelists will choose one finalist from each category, then public voting shall take place. In case there isn't any entry for a particular category or party, that particular category shall not be included in the final panel evaluation.

The lucky political blogger will get $2,000. The name of the winners for the regular and political blogging scholarships shall be posted on College An acceptance speech of 1,000 words shall also be asked from the political blogger winner, and shall also be posted on the aforementioned website.

Everybody deserves to have a decent education. It is a right and not a privilege. If you still don't have your own blog, it may be high time for you to start now. Apart from self-expression, who knows, it might be your ticket through college. Blog your way to an education now!