Business Scholarship: Your Path to a Lucrative Success

The world is quickly transforming into a Wall Street Empire. If you want to be the next Donald Trump or the apprentice of Bill Gates, you should be smart enough in choosing a business-related course. All you have to do is to prepare for your future as soon as you step out of high school.

Preparation is, of course, easier said than done. Without a trust fund, you may be one of the numerous students who are seeking for financial assistance. Fortunately, there are many civic groups and private organizations that are more than willing to help finance your college fund. Your only task is to look and explore for more options.

How to Look for a Business Scholarship Grant

Sometimes the secret to business scholarship success lies in learning how to search for the right sponsor. An organized approach will surely help and here are some steps:

1. Browse the Web and the yellow pages for possible universities, colleges, or institutions that provide business scholarships. Ask your teachers, counselors, family, friends, and colleagues, if you are already working, about the scholarship institutions that they know. All their referrals can add to your list of options.

2. Consider a time frame of more than one year. Search for scholarship programs even before you graduate from high school or before you may actually consider taking an MBA. You obviously need more time to prepare for the requirements, evaluate your weaknesses, and take advantage of your strengths in able to qualify.

3. Create a category for each foundation on your list. Sort them by location, type of foundation, or by any marker that can help you be more organized with your search. A detailed list will help you contact your prospect foundation through phone, email, or even snail mails.

4. Know the general requirements. You may be asked for a GPA not lower than 3.0 or an impressive Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) result if you are an incoming freshman. Make sure that you are qualified for the scholarship that you are applying for. If not, you can save more time by proceeding with your other applications.

5. Search for scholarship programs in your city, town, or state. There are certain scholarship foundations that offer grants to residents of their state or city. Doing this will save you in time and money.

Where to Search for Business Scholarships

Remember that there are probably more business scholarship programs out there that you are not fully aware of. They don't usually advertise on web directories or yellow pages. Hence, you may use these tips as your search markers:

1. Start with schools. Most community colleges and state universities have their own scholarship programs. But if you are not endorsed by any member of the faculty, then it's time to take matters on your own hand. Check the business department for the details and study the application process. If you're aiming at a post-graduate study, you can also file a letter for inquiry or request. University of Dallas and Austin State University are among the many colleges and universities that provide business scholarships.

2. Consider civic groups, government agencies, and community-based foundations. Charitable institutions give out more than one million dollars a year to finance scholarships in different universities. In which case, you can check the local list from the City Hall, the newspaper, or any directory. But for a quick reference, here are some popular foundations: Rotary Club, Jaycees, and Lion's Club.

3. Remember to include professional organizations in your list. They may not always grant your request for scholarship, but you can always benefit from their referrals and connection to other business institutions. So rather take these down and consider them an additional part of your growing list: American Accounting Association, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and National Business Association. If you can still add some more to this, the better chances you'll have to earn a business scholarship.

4. You can also ask help from your parents not in terms of money but from taking advantage of their fringe benefits in the company. Their employment package may include scholarship for their children or loans so they could finance college education. However, if you're already working, you may also file a request before your employer. The company won't cover the whole expenses but can still help in paying for business books.

A Sure Way to Grab the Elusive Business Scholarship

You can always learn from the success of others. In knowing this, you can review other applications and evaluate how and why they were granted a scholarship. You can start by writing a winning resume like a personal ad. However, avoid overselling yourself. Be straightforward, sincere, and practical. It will also help if you'll think like a reader to help keep your resume short and pleasing enough.

You may be asked to submit an essay, and may feel the pressure of coming up with a smart piece. Instead of trying too hard, focus on your goals and ask yourself why you take special interest in pursuing a business degree. Is it for promotion or ambition? Or, perhaps you see a real potential in making it big someday?

Always take your best shot. If it wouldn't turn out the way you expect it would be, explore more options for business scholarships.