College Scholarship Help

College Scholarship Help

It has been no secret that degree holders are the ones who are most likely to succeed in their chosen career environment. But then opportunities to enroll in a university are limited to those who are financially capable. This, however, is a thing of the past.

YOU Qualify for Financial Aid

With various foundations, organizations, and even multi-national companies offering scholarships, it's not hard to imagine yourself excelling in your chosen field. Through our accessible scholarship information, you can find the best scholarships, apply online, and earn that diploma you've been dreaming of. With our comprehensive guide including free information request templates, essay writing tips, links to scholarship sites, and scholarship information such as criteria for eligibility and monetary awards, it's now easy to get that coveted degree for free.

Through our list of scholarships categorized according to field of study, location, and minority, we make your choosing less complicated. Aside from the list, we have also began offering a few scholarships of our own. We also have a blog where you can get updates on the student financing market.


Our list of scholarships lets you find what would suit your needs. We offer free information on grants for Native Americans who are eligible for tribal funds and for women who are interested to study. Aside from scholarships for minority groups, we also have those for specific fields of study. There are available medical scholarships for students planning to take up medicine. We also offer a variety of scholarships for degrees like business as well as health care-related ones like nursing and massage therapy. Scholarships for students with health conditions are also available.

For students who would like to get scholarship offered to their own states, feel free to find your state and browse for scholarship AND grant opportunities.
To help you browse the categories of scholarships in this website, we have briefly explained each below. We are also offering a few scholarships of our own. Try looking into them to know if you qualify.

Minority Scholarships

Minority groups include Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT); Native Americans; Hispanics; African Americans; women; and the disabled. In America, African Americans and Hispanics are the biggest groups that are challenged financially; most of them cannot attend school because of their low income. Because of these, they are highly in need of scholarships that would pay for educational expense. Otherwise, a significant number of Americans will be insufficiently educated. Through organizations that make many minority scholarships available these challenged groups can go to and finish school.

Native Americans

There are now a number of scholarship funds that offer scholarships available for Native Americans. One of these is the American Indian College Fund which supports tribal universities and colleges. We have added links to scholarship programs that are exclusive to members of a specific tribe. You may need to trace your ancestral line or simply look into them to find out about membership.

Through monetary awards and scholarship grants, these tribal universities and colleges help Native Americans pay their expenses in school. A list of organizations and affiliations willing to give scholarships to Native Americans is included in our information guide.


Known for being victims of gender inequality, women can now choose over a number of women scholarship funds. Mathematics, Engineering, and the Sciences used to be dominated by male professionals; today, however, interested women are encouraged to pursue their study in these fields. There is now an increase in the number of foundations and organizations that financially support women who would like to study. These institutions give priority to women who are planning to study again, take up doctorates, or earn advanced degrees.


Athletic scholarships have long been in academic institutions, and these have helped a lot of athletes pay their way through college. Although not all athletes are qualified to get a scholarship, a big amount of monetary award and scholarship grant is made available for them to benefit from.

Most colleges are geared towards having athletes who are good both in sports and academics and an excellent record in both fields would usually lead to scholarship renewal.

Fortune 500

Multi-national companies have now realized that they need to help the brightest minds get a good education. Big companies like Microsoft, Wal-mart, and Coca-cola are offering various scholarship grants to those who have the skills required by a particular field. Our list of Fortune 500 Scholarships has the best companies all over the United States.