Considering A Scholarship In Psychiatry

For those who are looking for an interesting course to pursue in college, psychiatry can be an excellent choice. A career in this course can be both promising and lucrative. Statistically, the prospect of getting clients is good since nearly three percent of adult people suffer from mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression disorders, and anxiety attacks. It is worth noting that medical courses have the highest number of scholarship funds. Aside from that, the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the outlook for students planning to establish a career in psychiatry is favorable.

However, entering a medical school can be tough. The high-cost of tuition and the horrendous hours of internship are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to psychiatry. However, just like any field of knowledge, there are scholarship opportunities that are available for students who are in need of financial assistance in order to sustain their desire to pursue a career or take further studies in the field of psychiatry. Common scholarship grants for psychiatry students also cover transportation subsidy to conventions or seminars.

Initial Requirement

Before applying for scholarships in psychiatry, the student must first satisfy the criteria or requirements of the scholarship grant. First, an applicant should have exhibited academic excellence in high school. Generally, there is a required GPA when applying for scholarship programs. Likewise, a student should have a good standing in his science subject. Aside from this, the applicant should pass the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), which is administered twice a year. This same principle holds true for any student intending to enter medical school.

General Scholarship Program

This is a grant handed out by the American Medical Association (AMA) to deserving psychiatry students in any medical school. To be eligible for the grant, the student must be personally hand-picked by the Office of Financial Aid of his school. Aside from this, general scholarship programs are handed out only once and are not subject to renewal.

Rock Sleyster Memorial Scholarship

The Rock Sleyster Memorial Scholarship provides the recipient with a grant of $2,500. The program is open to incoming senior high school students who have plans of pursuing a career in psychiatry. Likewise, interested students should maintain a GPA of 3.0. Moreover, any U.S. citizen enrolled in an American or Canadian university is eligible to apply for this scholarship provided that his status is a regular student. In addition, this grant is only available to 20 recipients on a yearly basis.

School-Specific Scholarship

As the name implies, School-Specific Scholarship grants are awarded by certain educational institutions only. These require some research on the part of the students. The program may vary from one educational institution to another. Due to the scholarship's limited nature, only the best and most qualified student will be eligible for the financial aid.

How To Apply For A Psychiatry Scholarship Program

The easiest way to apply for a psychiatry scholarship program is to visit the Office of Financial Aid of the university where the student plans to study. From there, interested students can get vital information on the spot. They can also clear up issues regarding the application process as well.

Moreover, a more convenient way to apply for a scholarship grant is to access the main website of the medical school if it has one. The applicant only has to type the name of the school in the search engine and then click on the information that he desires. This way, interested students can inquire about the scholarship programs available in his prospect medical school even without leaving the confines of his residence.

Furthermore, students may likewise look into other viable sources of information such as referrals from friends, advertisements, publications, journals, to name a few. These can provide interested applicants with valuable tips and knowledge in finding the appropriate university or college that can provide educational scholarship grants.

Other Considerations

A student may want to look into specific fields of psychiatry when looking for a scholarship program. For instance, psychiatric nursing is one of the top choices for students to consider. Getting a scholarship in this field is easier due to the limited number of nurses. On the other hand, applying for financial aid in specialty or graduate degrees can be difficult because of the stiff competition.

In addition, students should likewise compare the programs offered by their prospect medical schools before applying for scholarships. One should carefully evaluate the provisions of the scholarship grant first before making a final decision.