Diet and Nutrition Studies Scholarships

The field of dietetics and nutrition is becoming one of the most popular career paths taken by students in the United States. Many colleges and organizations are now offering different scholarship programs for interested students like you and getting the perfect scholarship will be a breeze if you know where and how to apply.

ADAF and University-based Scholarships

Almost all the organizations sponsoring educational grants are members of the American Dietetic Association Foundation (ADAF), so it's a good start to become members of this foundation. Membership is one of the qualifications for the scholarship programs it offers.

Although every student is qualified for ADAF scholarships, priority is given to students belonging to minority groups. Generally, the grants are geared towards students who are taking up their third or fourth year of baccalaureate degree in dietetics. Qualified students may also include those who are already on their second year of study in a dietetic internship, a graduate program or a dietetic technician program.

If you are looking for college scholarships, you may ask for scholarship information from your college's nutrition or dietetics department. Almost all colleges give a minimum of $1,000 to each student who qualifies. The Iowa State offers $1,000-grants to incoming college students in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and in the College of Human Sciences. To qualify, students should be dietetics, nutritional science, or food science majors who have excellent academic and leadership skills. They must also have accomplished the Freshman Scholarship Form and have it sent with a letter of recommendation from their counselor and a copy of their transcript of records.

For ADAF scholarships, meanwhile, interested students may apply between mid-September and mid-January annually. They may get scholarship application forms online and apply until mid-February. The scholarship awards for the following year will then be announced. Almost all scholarships that are given range from $500 to $5,000.

A number of scholarships are given to students interested in advancing their studies in dietetics. Some of them are the E. Neige Todhunter Memorial Doctoral Fellowship (awards $5,000 to dietetics practitioners and educators planning to take up doctorate), the Marie and August LoPresti, Sr. Endowment Fund Faculty Development Award (given to the faculty of Ohio Universities and Colleges), the Susan T. Borra Fellowship in Nutrition Communication (awards $5,000 to qualified students planning to further their skills in nutrition communication), the Barbara Ann F. Hughes NEP DPG Continuing Education Award (grants $1,000 to dietitians working for advocacy and policy initiatives), the Margene Wagstaff Fellowship for Innovation in Dietetics Education (awarded for recognition of people campaigning for professional values among entry-level dietetics professionals), and the F. Ann Gallagher Award (given to members of the Consultant Dietitians in Health Care Facilities DPG as financial support for state or federal legislation in promoting dietetics).

Recognition Awards and other Scholarships

Aside from scholarship grants for those planning to take advance study, endowed scholarships are also offered by some organization-members of the ADA. The Elmira Blecha Scholarship and the Jane Elizabeth Watkins Cohen Nutrition Education Scholarship are two of the endowed scholarships being offered by the Texas' Dietetic Association.

Recognition awards like the Edna and Robert Langholz International Nutrition Award (gives monetary award of $2,500 to people having significant contributions in nutrition), Mary Abbott Hess Award for Recognition of an Innovative Food/Culinary Effort (awards $1,000 to dietetics doing outstanding innovations in culinary education), Elaine Monsen Award (gives $1,000 to researchers in the field of nutrition and dietetics), and the Mary P. Huddleson Memorial Award (gives $1,000 to contributors of excellent articles in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in the previous year) are also given to qualified applicants.

By offering research grants, the ADAF shows its strong support to research made for the advancement of dietetics. Some of the grants offered are the Ann A. Hertzler Research Grant, the Jean Hankin Nutritional Epidemiology Research Grant, Herbert D. and Nylda Gemple Research Grant, and the Allene Vaden Memorial Grant for Foodservice Management Research.

For those who would like to apply for an international scholarship, you can apply for the First International Nutritionist/Dietitian (FIND) Fellowship for Study in the USA. This grant is offered to foreign students who are planning to earn a postgraduate degree in the United States but will return to their country after graduation. Monetary awards amount to $2,000. The Colgate Palmolive Fellowship in Nutrition, Oral Health/Dental Education is another international scholarship awarding $15,000 to students pursuing a doctorate in dental education, oral health, or nutrition.