Disabilities Grant: An Excellent Way to Fund the Education of Students with Disabilities

It is a fact that students with disabilities are the ones facing the biggest challenges when it comes to pursuing an education. These students encounter a lot of pressure from their schoolmates. Not all people understand what students with disabilities are going through, that is why they are insensitive to the needs of such special students. Aside from the emotional, mental and physical challenges, many students with disabilities also face funding problems. The creation of the 1975 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has made education for disabled students a lot easier. Financing education is such a major concern that the United States government as well as other organizations and institutions have created their own disabilities grant to help people with disabilities.
There are many organizations that provide outstanding financial support to students with special needs. One of these associations is the National Federation for the Blind which provides numerous grants and scholarships for blind students. The grant and scholarship programs are mostly provided through gifts to the federation. The Jewish Guild for the Blind also offers a disabilities grant for students who are in undergraduate programs. Meanwhile, the National Association of the Deaf offers grants and scholarships to graduate students with hearing challenges.

Many colleges and universities also offer a disabilities grant. These educational institutions aim to diversify education by helping to get more students with disabilities to go to college. One of their goals is also to improve the quality of life for disabled people through education. Some of the schools offering grants include George Washington University, George Mason University, Western Michigan University and Gallaudet University. If you wish to apply for a disabilities grant at George Mason University, contact the Disability Resource Center. Meanwhile, if you are interested in George Washington University’s grant, contact the Disabilities Support Services and ask for the brochure, “Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities.” Western Michigan University also offers fellowship programs for disabled undergraduate students who are studying rehabilitation sciences.

The Gallaudet University is a world leading college for deaf or hard of hearing students. It provides liberal education and career development programs for such hearing challenged students. It was established by an Act of Congress in 1864. The university takes pride in the fact that its charter was signed by no other than President Abraham Lincoln. The school also boasts that more than 85 percent of students who are applying for financial assistance are approved and are assisted in meeting college expenses. Because of this, the university was even considered one of the best “Least Debt” universities in the country in 2006 by the U.S. News & World Report. If you want to apply for a grant, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Many organizations also provide excellent technology support to enhance the learning of such students. Some schools even offer videoconferencing or virtual classrooms so that students with disabilities can actively engage in the school. If you want to seek for more information about a disabilities grant or other financial aid programs for students with physical challenges, searching the web is a good place to start.