First Generation Scholarships Fulfill Family Dreams

1st Generation Scholarships

As the cost of higher education continues to rise, many aspiring college students turn to scholarship grants for help. Luckily, there are already a good number of them available nowadays. Every scholarship grant is unique, as each accommodates a specific cluster of people. This means that there is an exclusive scholarship program for a particular group of individuals. There is financial aid available to artists, athletes, sorority members, left-handed individuals, and disabled people. There is even a scholarship grant for those people who are the first in their families to pursue college degrees. This type of financial assistance is called the First Generation scholarship.

Just What First Generation Scholarship Means

As already mentioned, 1st Generation scholarships are for those who are first in their families to attend college. This type of scholarship is great because it takes out the inconvenience and difficulty of being the foremost family member to break into the university grounds. Being the “first” is hard because there will be nobody to assist you, since no one before you has yet experienced being in college. Needless to say, being a First-Gen student is challenging, most especially if one doesn't have the resources for it.

What You Need to Become a First Generation Scholarship Recipient

To take advantage of a First Generation scholarship, you need to meet its program's requirements. These requirements will help the sponsors determine whether or not you are worthy of the investment. More often than not, you will be asked to furnish certain documents that will prove just how qualified you are to receive financial assistance. Just some of the paperwork you might be asked to submit include academic records, recommendation letters, and a personal statement.

The requirements for each scholarship program vary depending on the sponsor. For instance, there are groups and organizations that have defined their criteria by minority or racial class. There are also those who are very particular about an applicant's parents' school background and the family's source of income. This is because most groups and organizations that offer this type of scholarship grants prefer students who have undergraduate parents who are blue-collar workers. Simply put, First Generation scholarships are truly for families who have great financial needs and remarkable ambitions to have a professional member.

The Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship

Coca-Cola, a successful international business, operates to satisfy its customers every single day. However, the company's goal is not only limited to providing quality beverages but also to caring for the communities it serves. Coca-Cola was able to do that by offering scholarships to families all over the United States. The Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship is probably the biggest and most impressive program of its kind. Financial aid from this program is doled out to over 400 colleges in 31 states. To qualify for this scholarship, you must truly be incapable of financing your education. You must already be fully enrolled at the college or university of your choice. You will also be required to submit an essay discussing your accomplishments for the past academic year. This scholarship program also prefer applicants who are active in community services. Once you qualify for this program, you will likewise be expected to maintain a grade of not lower than 3.0.

Note: First generation scholarships for 2011 have already been announced.

State-Specific First Generation Scholarships

Apart from company-sponsored scholarships, there are also state-specific ones established just for first-in-the-family college students. Just one of the states that offer generous First Generation financial assistance is Texas. This state-specific scholarship grants $10,000 to a deserving applicant, which is payable for four years. Applicants to the Texas First Generation Scholarship must be enrolled full-time in The University of Texas in Austin. Recipients of this scholarship grant are required to maintain a GPA not lower than 2.5 to become qualified for its annual renewal.

College-Specific First Generation Scholarships

The Catawba College First Family Scholarship of North Carolina is an example of a college-specific scholarship. Dubbed as the most prestigious of all scholarship programs in the whole college, this one grants a substantial $14,500 to chosen students. To be considered for the scholarship, you must submit an application to Catawba College first. Once admitted, you will need to fill out the Early Scholarship and Financial Aid Estimator, submit an 500-word essay, and furnish recommendations from your teachers. You must also have a GPA of not lower than 3.5 and an SAT critical Reading and Math sub-scores that add up to 1150 or an ACT score of 25.

Apart from the scholarship grants already mentioned, there are many other organizations and groups that offer financial aid to First Generation students. You can start looking for them in your community and in your local colleges. The Internet is also an excellent place to look for First Generation scholarships. With First Generation scholarships helping you earn a college degree, you can now make your family proud.