Fresh Hope for the Victims of the September 11 Tragedy

Back in 2001, the world was shocked by the most devastating event in history --the September 11 bombing. It has been seven years already since the event has taken place, but what are the things that people could have done in those years to make up for the lost lives, jobs, and hopes. The worse story in this event is not about those people who died, but about those who survived with no hands or legs left and the family that the dead victims left behind.

But in the light of this tragedy, a lot of organizations from across the world have united to help them not only in financial aspects but also in their fast recovery from the traumatic experience. To send help more quickly, these organizations and companies have united and formed one group called the September 11 Scholarship Alliance (SSA). This alliance is created to aid the valid dependents of airplane passengers and crews, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, Pentagon workers, World Trade Center employees, and other people who were involved in the event.

The Organizations

The September 11 Scholarship Alliance is composed of 28 organizations that aim to help unable students achieve their dreams in spite of the trauma and loss of hope. Some examples of the organizations involved in this alliance are The Citigroup Foundation, DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund, and International Youth Foundation (IYF). These three along with the other organizations gather funds to provide undergraduate or post-secondary scholarship to the victims and dependents.

Usually, these organizations gather from $1 million to over $20 million and divide this amount of money by how many scholars being admitted every year. The best part is that you can use any of these scholarships whatever your nationality is and wherever around the world you want to study.

College-Based Scholarships

During the event, the common scene was like this: a person, studying in a college or in a vocational school, lost his parents who were employees of the World Trade Center. He had no one else to depend on for his education but his parents.

Those students who depend on their parents for education are the main beneficiaries of the College-based scholarships. These scholarships are offered by different colleges around the United States. While some colleges offer scholarships for both sexes, men and women, other colleges offer grants exclusively for women.

Given that you are granted such scholarships in a college, what will you receive? College-based scholarships usually give educational grants for two-year courses, four-year courses, or vocational courses. Other colleges grant tuition-free scholarships only while some provide school supplies and books aside from the free tuition fee. But other colleges simply provide everything---from school materials, books, tuition, and apartments to transportation allowances.

Among the many colleges that give scholarships for September 11 victims are the Columbia University, City University of New York, and Baldwin-Wallace College. In case you want to get a scholarship in one of these three colleges or in other colleges, don't forget that each college has certain requirements before you become eligible.

How to Get That Scholarship

The SSA members and the colleges around the United States have been generous in giving scholarships to support the education of the bombing victims and their dependents. But since these organizations and colleges have limited resources, the scholarships that they give are also limited.

Each kind of scholarship has specific requirements that you should meet to get the scholarship you want. But among these requirements, there are just two common qualifications: you should be in any way a victim of that bombing event, which means you can be the victim or his dependent; and, you must be a vocational course student or an undergraduate.

Where to Find that Scholarship

Before you can choose the kind of scholarship you want, you should know where to find it first. You can find September 11 scholarships either online or in a college near you. If you're looking for the SSA scholarships, check its website and study the requirements of each organization.

The same way goes with the college-based scholarships. The only difference is that in the SSA website, you can apply online right away; whereas in the college-based scholarships, you need to visit the college you have chosen. But some colleges have websites, too, so check their websites and apply for any college-based scholarship online.

Today, the families that are gravely affected by that bombing event are in the recovery stage. Thanks to the help of the SSA and US colleges, the families are quickly recovering; and most of all, they're getting back on their feet with a smile.