Get Ahead with a Vocational School Scholarship

Being a graduate of a four-year course you does not automatically mean that you get lucrative jobs. Sorry to disappoint you, but the situation is different nowadays. Students who have vocational certificates are more advantageous than degree holders because most companies today require skills and training aside from academic records.

Aside from that, to study with a vocational course is more practical than to study with a four-year course because vocational schools require one year to two years only before you can graduate. Needless to say, most students prefer to graduate early to get jobs and earn income immediately.

More importantly, vocational schools offer scholarships to many students who lack the money to study. These scholarships vary depending on the field and on the organization that grants such awards.

Simply put, if you need to graduate early and get ahead in life but need financial assistance, then it is time for you to go to a vocational school.

Advantages of Vocational Course Scholarships

Practicality-wise, vocational schools are the most advisable solutions for students like you who are looking for good courses that allow early graduation. These courses usually include Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Secretarial Studies, Nutrition, and others.

What are the advantages of getting a vocational course scholarship? Firstly, vocational courses are brief but comprehensive. The most number of years of study in vocational schools is two or three years. This means that with vocational courses, you get to learn everything about your chosen field and get to graduate in no time.

Secondly, schools that offer vocational scholarships give less fortunate undergraduates an opportunity to earn a college level of education. According to statistics, most high school students have no capability of studying because of financial hindrances. For example, 61% of students in Florida are still waiting for chances to get a college degree or at least certificate until today.

Lastly, graduates who have vocational training are in-demand in the job market. Though some education traditionalists may disagree, most companies nowadays require vocational certificates before they admit the applicants. That is the reason why the enrollment percentage of vocational education increased in 2002.

Choose a Scholarship That Best Suits You

Today, vocational school scholarships are classified into general scholarships, vocational scholarships for women, and apprenticeship.

General scholarships are given to anyone who wishes to get a vocational course. The common requirements of these scholarships include a good academic standing, low family income, and community services. For instance, the Local Union and Sallie Mae Unmet Need Scholarship help those who need financial aid study in technical or vocational schools. These organizations do not particularly require high academic records.

Moreover, vocational scholarships for women are offered to women who want to pursue a certain field of study. One example of this scholarship is given by the Educational Foundation for Women Accountants, which supports women who want to study Accounting. Another instance of a scholarship for women is being offered by the Association for Women Geoscientists. This organization gives scholarships to active women who want to study Geology or other Geosciences.

Lastly, there are also some organizations and schools that offer vocational apprenticeship. In this kind of scholarship, the students don't necessarily go to school and study in an academic way. Instead, they apply in corporations, undergo hands-on training, and receive Associate certificates.

How to Get a Vocational School Scholarship

If you need to achieve a college level of education as soon as possible but lack the money, you're a perfect candidate for a vocational school scholarship. You can look for this kind of scholarship in a vocational school near you, in local organizations such as the Rotary Club, or online.

To get that scholarship, make sure that you meet all the requirements. First, prepare all the necessary materials like your resume, transcript of record, letter of application, personal essay, etc. When you complete all these requirements, fill out an application form and submit it to the organization you've chosen. If you are admitted, be ready for an examination. Finally, wait for the exam result and prepare for an interview.

Though some people prefer to have a four-year degree, most students nowadays are eager to find a way out of poverty by studying in college in less than four years. But some students are just unfortunate enough to finance their education. Inevitably, the most practical way to do that is to get a vocational school scholarship.