Getting a College or University Education Through Martial Arts Scholarships

Overview of College Martial Arts

A sport that utilizes the body and the brain at the same time, martial arts is a way of life or a discipline for its followers. There are many types and forms of martial arts, but all of these follow a similar principle: to protect and to do no harm towards others unless completely necessary.

For many people, martial arts is a type of defense, thus many take up this sport. Many colleges and academies throughout the United States now offer this sport in their PE curriculum and they also have many players in their martial arts varsity. These students often work hard trying to improve their skills and compete in various tournaments that a school joins.

College Martial Arts Scholarships in the United States

There are many schools that offer martial arts programs in their curriculum because of the said sport’s popularity. A lot of students, both men and women, take up this sport and they are serious about it. Since competition in divisions I and II in the NCAA is very tough, there are academic institutions that take the matters in their own hands. They often offer college scholarships and assistance to deserving students who excel in martial arts.

Many students often vie for these scholarships. This increase in scholarship hopefuls is mainly due to the fact that college education in the United States is never cheap. In order to finish college, a student can either get a part-time job or work as a student assistant in his respective school. Unfortunately, the recent increase in tuition makes enrolling even more difficult for these students; thus securing a scholarship is the only way for most students. Getting a scholarship is often a difficult process, since there are many competitors who are also after the same prize. Since many of the martial artists today have started practicing since they were younger, these people often have the edge in applying for such scholarships.

There are many kinds of scholarships that a martial artist can take advantage of. By knowing how to contact the people who handle the applications of would-be scholars, it will become easier for one to apply. A student can check both the Internet and the public library for more scholarship programs for martial arts.

The first scholarship program is the Joshua Benson Memorial Scholarship. A student can apply or this if he or she is enrolled for 12 hours and more in any undergraduate field at any tax-exempt, accredited institution or school for higher learning. Of course, it is also important that the applicant is a senior in high school that is about to graduate during the current year. Students who are under home study are also accepted, as long as they have completed the level that is required before they reach college. The foundation assists students who can prove that they are in financial need; thus students who cannot afford an education still have a great chance. The student will be awarded approximately $500.00. This amount is divided into two, where the first is awarded at the start of the first semester, while the remaining amount will be given at the start of the next semester.

The next foundation that a student can qualify for is the Charles and Verna Lee Falk Scholarship Foundation. Like the previous scholarship, this foundation aims to help the students of Wilcox-Hildreth High School to continue a college education through martial arts. Each year, two students are given a scholarship worth around $1000.

Most of these scholarships require essays to be written and interviews to be attended. An applicant may want to think carefully about his or her essay so as to get the attention of the evaluating committee.

Qualifying for a College Martial Arts Scholarships

In order to get a scholarship, there are certain criteria and requirements that must be met by an applicant. It is not much of an advantage if a player is an expert athlete, though it helps. An applicant must be well-rounded and so he or she must have a good academic standing.

Academics are an important factor in getting a scholarship. A GPA of 3.0 or above is a requirement for those who are applying for a scholarship. Since martial arts focuses on both the body and mind, a high-level martial artist must have a balance of physical and mental strength that is seen in their grades. A good score for the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs) also helps a student.

It is also important that the applicant is in top physical condition. In order to continue winning, a player must have a healthy body. Once a player is in top condition, he or she wins more games.

Martial arts is a sport that has gained a huge following, so it may be a bit difficult to get a scholarship. Despite this, one has a good chance of winning the scholarship as long as he or she has passed the qualifications.