Getting A Lacrosse Scholarship To Finish Your College

Overview of College Lacrosse

A popular sport that is played more often in North America, Lacrosse requires a different sort of appreciation from viewers and players. A usual team of Lacrosse often has either six, ten, or twelve players that require them to make use of a crosse or netted stick to pass or catch a ball that is made of hard rubber in order to score a goal. Originally, Lacrosse is the national sport during summer in Canada, where it is as popular as baseball or soccer. However, its popularity has considerably grown even within the United States. This is very much evident in the high school scene, as it has become one of the fastest growing outdoor team sports that even the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) takes great notice of it.

Both men and women are allowed to play this sport. However, the women are often required additional protection gears like eye wear and even additional padding, but as a whole, everything is the same. The popularity of this sport is seen as many varsity teams in different campuses around the country are present, and there are many inter-school games that are set regularly. The high competition levels in these different academic institutions ensure that each campus aims to maintain a winning team of young men and women, thus they often recruit skilled players.

Tuition and other expenses in schools today make it more difficult for students to continue their education. Luckily for them, these schools offer great scholarship programs that will enable these Lacrosse players who have the potential to continue their education. What Lacrosse players must remember is that there are many institutions and campuses that can give out these scholarships, all that is important is to look for the right ones to go to.

College Lacrosse Scholarships In The United States

A Lacrosse player who wishes to avail of a scholarship should first know where to look for a school that offers such scholarship grants. The most popular and reliable source is the Internet. With the current advances in technology today, the Internet can immediately come up with many sites that will connect a player to foundations that offer scholarships.

It is quite difficult to look for scholarships in a university, thus a student must look into the lists of the NCAA, as they enforce certain guidelines when applying for a scholarship.

When looking for a scholarship program for Lacrosse players, one should look into the various divisions in the NCAA. The first division is often the best place to go to, as it offers very competitive programs. This is because these schools look for top-notch players to compete in their reputed teams. In this division, the level of competition is often cut-throat, where only the best players are given the opportunities.

Division two often has smaller teams. The size of their athletic scholarship fund and varsity teams often depends on the size of the student body. Since they have smaller population, their scholarships are often limited.

Another organization is the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics or the NAIA. Like the NCAA, this organization also gives out certain athletic scholarships that can be as competitive as those from the NCAA.

The National Junior College Athletic Association can also assist students by providing them with financial assistance for books and tuition for those students who feel that they are not yet ready to attend a regular university that offers a 4-year course.

Qualifying for a College Lacrosse Scholarship

Every year, many deserving athletes are unable to secure or qualify for an athletic scholarship for Lacrosse simply because they are unable to properly submit their completed resumes to their colleges. Most of the time, these application forms have incomplete or irrelevant data. It is important that a student target the right school, as this often equals success in getting a scholarship.

In order to be considered for an athletic scholarship grant for Lacrosse, a student must first qualify and meet the requirements set:

First is that a student must take and pass the set scholastic assessment test or SAT. A non-native speaker of English, on the other hand, must also take the mandatory Test of English Language (TOFL) exams and pass it. A student who applies for a scholarship must be enrolled in a college, thus he or she must pass the entrance exams.

For those students who play Lacrosse, getting an athletic scholarship is a good way of getting assistance in finishing college. Try to contact campuses or even ask for the help of guidance counselors in order to find the right school where you can apply.