Glam it Up in School with Cosmetology and Beauty School Scholarships

If there is any career that allows you to combine beauty, glamour, and money, then it is cosmetology. If you're the type of person who wants to mix and match clothes for your Barbie, fix the hair of your friends, or simply love beauty and fashion, then cosmetology is a perfect field for you.

In case you decide to direct your career in this field, do not forget about cosmetology scholarships. Like other scholarships, these scholarships are given to deserving people who are financially incapable. Cosmetology scholarship programs are available anywhere in the states, so all you can do is simply grab the chance.

Where to Find Cosmetology Scholarships

Now that you know about cosmetology scholarships, where can you find them? Are these scholarships can only be found in beauty schools? The answer is no because aside from beauty institutes, you can find such scholarships in companies or organizations like the Bank of America Scholarship, US Academic Achievement Scholarship, and Chip Abrams Memorial Scholarship. All these along with the other scholarship sponsors grant such scholarships to individuals who are interested in studying cosmetology and all of its aspects.

If you can't find any organization that offers such scholarships in your state, then visit the best place where you can find such programs. Beauty schools offer different kinds of scholarships to students who show excellent academic performances and interest in the subject. To know more about these schools, visit a local salon near you, ask some friends, or search the web. Or better yet, check these schools: Academy of Massage & Skin Care in Florida, Creative Hair Styling Academy in Illinois, and Artistic Beauty Colleges in Colorado. Before you apply to any of those schools, be sure to know their requirements.

Requirements for Cosmetology Scholarships

Aside from your willingness, interest, and determination, you must also meet certain requirements of any cosmetology scholarship to be eligible. First in the list is a secondary school diploma. If you think cosmetology courses don't require such a diploma, then let this article be a newsflash for you. Second, your GPA also counts; to be eligible, cosmetology scholarships require at least 3.0 GPA. These first two requirements simply illustrate your academic performance.

Other than academic matters, you must submit some important documentations. Among of which are your transcript of record, letter of recommendation, and record of financial status. All these three requirements prove how deserving you are to be a candidate of such scholarships.

However, don't forget that many cosmetology scholarships are out there and each has its specific qualifications. So, check out those other qualifications to be able to get cosmetology scholarships and enjoy what they cover.

What Cosmetology Scholarships Cover

For instance you receive such a scholarship, what benefits will you enjoy? As you know it, the most common benefits are free tuition, miscellaneous, and exam fees. Most scholarships offer such benefits to aid students with their financial needs. Aside from free fees, some scholarships also pay for books and other materials needed in the course.

However, not all scholarships grant all those benefits to students. Some scholarship programs give only a certain amount of money. For example, the Ace Grant Scholarship provides from as low as $250 up to $500 per student while the NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship gives as high as $1000 to each of its 10 scholars.

Aside from the amount of money that the scholarships offer, the number of admitted scholars per program also differs. The reason is that cosmetology scholarships are given to a limited number of scholars only. The Joseph Francis Scholarship Foundation, for instance, admits up to 16 students every year whereas other scholarships allow one scholar per year only. What's more, some scholarships also provide allowances usually for food, lodging, and transportation. If you're lucky enough, then you can be among of the many cosmetology scholars who will receive all these benefits.

Indeed, you can enjoy the benefits of cosmetology scholarships anytime. But that is, if you are aware where to find them and can meet all their requirements. Whether you apply in beauty schools or in organizations, there is really no difference because both of them have the same purpose---to help you. So, the only thing you ought to do now is do your part: be a responsible scholar.