International Grants: One of the Best Ways to Study in the United States

Every year thousands of foreigners go to the United States in order to study. This is because the country has many high quality and world class colleges and universities. Furthermore, the high economic status and social diversity of the country makes it an ideal place for foreign people to pursue a higher education. The United States is a favorite destination for most foreign students because it does not tolerate racism and Americans are known for being liberal and very accepting with regards to people of different nationalities, cultures and social beliefs. Although tuition fees can be very expensive, many foreigners still pursue a higher education in the United States because of an international grant.

Many of the international grants are offered to the best and brightest foreign students. Some of these grants have certain criteria that need to be fulfilled before the students can be accepted in the university. Grants are so competitive that only a few international students are able to get one. Grants are not available for students alone. They may be given to other people who want to pursue an expertise in several fields such as business, agriculture, humanities, research and development. An International grant may be provided by the government, private corporations and foundations.
The United States government often offers international grants in order to help students from poorer nations. The government also provides such grants to correct fiscal imbalance arising between spending and taxation. Probably, the most popular international grant and scholarship programs in the United States are the Fulbright. The Fulbright was created by the Department of State after World War II to establish cultural, educational and technological exchange among the brightest people around the world. It offers millions of dollars in order for foreign teachers, entrepreneurs, doctoral students, graduate students and other professionals to study in the country.
In order to be accepted for an international grant, a student must first send a proposal to the donor. The proposal can be based on a project that the student is interested in or be based from a project that the donor has requested. Once the student has been accepted, he or she must complete the proposal. Foreigners studying under an international grant need to have their own money to pay for other expenses. Other add on expenses include housing, transportation, food and health insurance. If a foreign student has been offered a grant, he or she will come to the United States under a J1 visa. The student can remain in the country until the end of the program. Once the program has ended, the student will be required to leave the country.

For people who are interested in applying for these grants, the Institute of International Education (IEE) has a list of grants and scholarships available in the United States. Meanwhile, the Overseas Association for College Admission has a list of colleges and universities in the country.