Journalism Grants for Students in the United States

The modern era is creating many job opportunities for graduates of journalism in the United States. Traditionally, journalism has been limited only to the print and broadcasting world. It is now a cross disciplinary field that also encompasses communications, advertising, Internet marketing and other disciplines. The popularity of journalism is the main reason why many organizations are now offering a journalism grant.
Several colleges and universities in the country offer a journalism grant. Such schools include Ohio State University, Indiana University and Columbia University. Ohio State University’s John Glenn School of Public Affairs is offering the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism. The program is a grant for working journalists who want to go back to school. It aims to help journalists become skillful in digital media, video production, Web design, social media and other topics that will help develop their full potential. The grant is a six-month program for journalists who are interested in public affairs journalism. To be eligible for the program, a reporter, editor, photojournalist or other journalists must have a five year experience in a news organization in the United States.
Meanwhile, Indiana University, through its School of Journalism, is offering grants for incoming first year students who want to take up a degree in journalism. Graduate journalism students could also ask for grants such as research grants, teaching grants and professional grants. The school boasts that it has 100 years of heritage which ensures that its students have excellent writing, editing and reporting skills.

Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism is one of the most popular programs in journalism in the United States. The school offers grants which aim to make its students rise on top of the world of journalism. The school is so competitive that it even sponsors the Pulitzer Prize, duPont Awards, Cabot Prizes, the Mike Berger Award for journalistic reporting, the National Magazine Awards and others. The school even received a $1.2 million in grant from the Knight Foundation. The money will be used to create a program to help the school’s journalism students become the best.

Aside from universities, there are private organizations that offer a journalism grant to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in such a high profile field. The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation is offering grants for women who want to return to school. The foundation is offering $500 and $1000 grant awards for qualified career women. Meanwhile, the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing is offering a journalism grant for students who are interested in science writing. The grant is available to students who graduated in an accredited journalism program. These professional organizations are committed to advance the field of journalism by supporting the education of journalism students.
There are other educational institutions and organizations which offer financial support to students who want to pursue a career in the journalism world. Although their criteria for approval may vary, their main aim is just the same. That is, to help improve the profession.