Lasso a Scholarship in Texas

Texas has an image of a low-profile state compared to the other states of America, but the number of attendees in Texas educational institutes seems to prove otherwise. Every year, Texas universities and colleges admit thousands of scholars including both local residents and international students. These students can be classified into three: they are holders of excellent academic records, active members of community organizations, or poor students in need of financial assistance for education.

There are many reasons why students are eager to study in Texas. Among of which is the perfect weather and environment. Another reasons are the abundance of sports arenas and entertainment and recreational places. But above all these, most students choose to study in Texas because of the many opportunities that the state offers.

Kinds of Scholarship

In Texas, there are many kinds of scholarships given to students. Each is categorized into scholarships for freshmen, transferees, continuing students, or others including international and graduate students.

For freshmen, you can choose among Assured, National, or Competitive scholarships. The Assured scholarships are given to incoming first year students who have at least 3.25 cum. GPA. You can renew these scholarships for four years depending on your academic performance. Meanwhile, the National scholarships are for the finalists of National Achievement scholarship programs. These scholarships grant a total of $40,000 per year for each student.

Lastly, the Competitive scholarships are invitational. If you're among the 300 youths who are invited in the Texas State Scholars Days, then you have a chance to get such scholarships that award from $10,000 to $100,000 every year. One up to 16 students are welcome to receive these scholarships.

Moreover, transfer scholarships are inevitably given to transferees who meet certain requirements of such scholarships, and continuing scholarships are given to those who wish to continue their studies in this state but are not participants of any Texas scholarship program.

Although most scholarships in Texas are for undergraduate students and local residents only, this state also offers scholarships to graduate or international students. Some schools that assist international applicants are Texas Public Education Grant and Good Neighbor Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarships offered in Texas require many things before you can be eligible. Among of which is a permanent residency in the state for a maximum number of years. But again, there are some Texas scholarships for international students.

Another common requirement is your GPA, which should not be lower than 2.5. Your Scholastic Assessment Test or American College Testing scores and the annual income of your family also count for your scholarship application in this state. Aside from those, you need a letter of recommendation from your previous school.

Above all, you should be able to convince the scholarship heads to grant your academic wish by writing a competitive personal essay. Usually, these essays talk about your reasons why you want to study in Texas, in your chosen university, and with your chosen field. All these are just common requirements that you should meet to be accepted in any scholarship program in Texas. But, don't forget that each kind of scholarship has its specific requirements that you should also consider.

Where to Find Scholarships in Texas

If you're searching for scholarships in Texas, you don't have to encounter any hassle because this state has a lot of scholarships to offer. In fact, the most common Texas scholarships are found in popular universities such as the Texas A&M University and The University of Texas.

For residents of Texas, finding university or college scholarships is easier. Simply visit those schools, check their scholarship programs, and apply. But for non-residents, the application process takes extra effort. Aside from traveling, non-residents are required to give other documentations aside from the common requirements.

However, since technology is growing everyday, scholarship-hunters like you can now apply online. You can search for websites that feature Texas scholarships. Or better yet, search for the school in which you want to enroll and apply for any of its scholarship programs.

Indeed, you can find scholarship programs in Texas in just one click of your finger. But, make sure to choose the scholarship that is perfect for you because if you don't, you might end up wasting your effort and time.