Let Badminton Take You To College

Badminton Scholarships

We all know that education is very important. It is what gets us to reach our dreams, pursue the careers that we want, find better jobs, and build better lives for ourselves. In the academe, there are students who prefer to excel in academics. They pore over books for hours on end, memorizing each and every lesson, learning it all by heart, and they are almost always able to ace tests and recitations because of their perseverance, good memory, and lots of stock knowledge. These are the students who usually get the chance to go to college even despite their financial difficulties-- all because there are tons of merit-based scholarships available for them. There are those, however, who do better in extracurricular activities such as sports. This does not mean that they are any less capable than their academically-inclined peers-- it's just that they are more interested in a different thing.

This is why aside from academic and merit-based scholarships, there are now athletic scholarships available for students who need financial help to fund their education. One such type of athletic scholarships is badminton scholarship for individuals who show a sincere interest in the sport. For those who find themselves pressed for cash and want to be able to go to college while being able to play the sport of their choice, here are some badminton scholarships in the US available for you:

Badminton BC Badminton Scholarships

Badminton BC, in cooperation with Black Knight, are awarding four scholarships every year. Each scholarship is worth $500. Not only do they provide college scholarships but high school scholarships as well. Two scholarships are available for high school students and two for college students. More information and links to application forms can be found at http://www.badmintonbc.com/page.aspx?id=2383.

USA Badminton Northeast Region Badminton Scholarship Program

For exceptionally good badminton players, the USAB Northeast Region is giving out a scholarship worth $1000 to a varsity badminton player in the collegiate level. The applicant's performance and participation in the duration of the badminton playing season and his outstanding achievement in the sport will be taken into consideration when making the selection. The applicant must rank within the top seven of NCAA Division 1 or Division 2 of a badminton varsity squad in the states in the Northeast region. He also should not have been disallowed to play for whatever reason a year prior to his application for scholarship. A link to the application form is available at http://www.northeastbadminton.net/NewsPages/scholarshipprogram.asp and must be submitted thru email along with an NCAA team verification and a coach's letter.

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program

For women who are passionate about badminton, the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program will be awarding scholarships to student athletes who are in their final season of intercollegiate athletics competition. The minimum grade point average requirement is 3.2, and the applicants must be those who are planning on pursuing a graduate degree as a part-time or full-time student.

The scholarship is a one-time $7,500 grant. For their application, they must do an essay comprising of 200 words stating their future goals. Along with this, they must also send their college transcripts, 3 endorsement letters, and UAB nomination letter. More information about this scholarship can be found at http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=84327.

American Universities Admission Program Scholarships

For foreign students, the AUAP can help you get admitted to an American school along with a Badminton scholarship. You would need to send a letter to auap@auap.com stating your performances, your desired date of entry to the school, your college level, and your personal budget. You can visit http://www.auap.com/sport.html for more information.

Due to the dropping of badminton scholarships from the University of Arizona, there are no more schools in the US that are offering badminton scholarships. Do not despair, though, as there are other options out there for those who really want to pursue college by acquiring a badminton scholarship. There are lots of international schools, outside of the United States, that offer badminton scholarships. It would be great for those who are really passionate and want to be exceptional players of badminton to go to school in another country and be able to play internationally. For those who do not want to leave the country, applying for financial aid and other scholarship grants may be your best bet.