Let Your Love of Archery Pay for College

It is not unknown to us that college is expensive. There are those who do not get the chance to pursue the career that they would have wanted because of the lack of money to finance their college education. It is unfortunate that these students who are just as capable as others are not able to pursue higher education simply because they cannot afford it. This need not be so for there are a lot of scholarships out there just waiting to be awarded to someone deserving of it.

A lot of athletic scholarships are now available for students who are sports-inclined. For those students who are passionate about archery, they can now apply for an archery scholarship. Archery may not be as popular as other sports such as football and basketball, but it has been growing a large following over the years. For those who would like to get archery scholarships, they would not only be able to get the education that they deserve, they would also be getting to do in college what they love.

Archery Scholarships

For those interested, listed below are some archery scholarships that they can apply for.

Claremont McKenna College Archery Scholarship

Situated in Claremont, California, Claremont McKenna College boasts of its spacious 90 meter range, approximately 30-40 meters wide Easton archery range. For those who are financially-challenged and exceptionally good at archery, Claremont McKenna College offers an archery scholarship for one student every year.

National Archery Association Scholarships

The National Archery Association awards 8 scholarships (each one is worth $500) to deserving students who are actively engaged in the sport of archery. The scholarships are for a single year only and must be re-applied for every year. More information about this scholarship can be found at http://www.usarchery.org/html/Scholarships.html.

Karl Radde Archery Scholarships

Two scholarships are awarded each year to deserving full-time undergraduates. One is for a male student, the other for a female. They must be U.S. citizens, enrolled in a two-year or four-year university/college course, and must be members of the National Archery Association. They must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in order to be eligible for the scholarship. For more information regarding this scholarship, visit http://www.nextstudent.com/directory-of-scholarships/Athletic/0003/43132....

Postgraduate Archery Scholarships

The NCAA offers archery scholarships in winter for those who intend to go to graduate school full-time upon finishing their undergraduate degree. To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.2, and must be nominated by an NCAA director of athletics or a faculty athletic representative. However, scholarships are non-renewable. The NCAA must be contacted for applications or more information.

Minnesota State Archery Association Archery Scholarships

The Minnesota State Archery Association (MSAA) scholarship program awards scholarships to high school students about to graduate or students who are in their first three years of college. The applicants must have good academic standing and sincerely interested in archery. The scholarship is valued at $250. If a student applied for the scholarship and did not get the award, he may reapply again. However, a scholarship can only be won once by a single person. Further information can be found at http://www.mnarchery.org/MSAAClubsProshops.html#MSAAScholarshipProgram.

Levi Bauer Memorial Scholarship Program

The Bauer family holds an archery shoot every year in honor of Levi Bauer. This event has gone over so well that the proceeds are awarded as scholarships to deserving students at the Crawford School. For more information about this, contact Sandra Baur at (254) 749-9557 or Jim and Kim Hilton at 486-2291.

State Archery Association of Massachusetts Scholarship Program

The SAAM gives out scholarships ever year to deserving college students who have been members of the association for two years. The applicant must furnish a typewritten essay. The questions that should be answered in the essay are found at http://www.massarchery.org/. Applicants will be interviewed first before the selection of scholarship awardees.

With all these scholarships available, one should no longer view lack of money as a hindrance to pursuing higher education. There are other archery scholarships out there, people just need to search for it and be patient. With opportunities like these scholarships, getting a college degree is now easier. And what's more, playing a favorite sport gets to pay for it too.