Massage Therapy Scholarships on the Internet

If you are interested in studying Massage Therapy, or you are already taking lessons on your way to becoming a massage therapist, you can take advantage of the scholarships offered by various Massage Therapy schools and related organizations. Don’t worry about missing work or school; you can search for these scholarships in your own time and maybe even submit your application forms without having to go to these benefactors yourself. You can do even scout for and compare numerous Massage Therapy scholarships quickly and easily. All these you can do with the help of the Internet.

The Internet gives you access to all sorts of scholarships from all over the country. However, the scholarships that you should first look are those that are found in the websites of the schools that you are planning to go to or at least the institutions that are nearest you. You may already be working right now, or perhaps you are not that willing to travel far to study. Typing “Massage Therapy scholarships” on a search engine will give you thousands of results, but in the end it is still up to you to wade through them and sort them out. Thus, it would be better if you write down the names of the institutions and organizations that you know are offering Massage Therapy courses. Type their names in a search engine such as Google, and their websites should be in the first page of results. Visit these websites and look for scholarships there. This is definitely better than window shopping for wonderful Massage Therapy scholarships that you will not apply for in the end because the school that is offering it is located too far away from you.

Before starting your search however, you should be aware of one thing: Massage Therapy courses and careers are not as popular compared to engineering or science based fields. Do not be surprised if you find that not a lot of schools and foundations offer Massage Therapy courses or scholarships. Keep this in mind, so you will not get frustrated while surfing the Internet; it is still way better than actually going around looking for these benefactors, right?

Anyway, it is not really hopeless, because there are several schools that offer Massage Therapy courses and scholarships such as Lane Community College, Northwestern Health Sciences University and the Swedish Institute in New York. If you are in Pennsylvania, check out the website of the Great Lakes Institute of Technology. Students who qualify for their scholarship get 25% off their tuition fees.

Meanwhile, organizations and companies that are related to Massage Therapy also offer scholarships. The American Specialty Health, for example, has scholarships for students of complementary health courses, Massage Therapy students included. Massage Magazine is also offering scholarships for Massage Therapy students, as is The Spa Foundation. Look for their websites and see if you qualify for any of their programs.

Do not be too worried if you cannot seem to find a scholarship that suits you or your needs because there’s still a major option for Massage Therapy students who are having financial difficulties: the government. Even if most of the government’s aid comes in the form of loans, they are almost like scholarships because they have very low or even zero interest rates, plus you can pay them in manageable installments distributed within periods that go for years. For example, the Federal Perkins Loan is for students with exceptional financial need. They can lend up to $6,000 per year and $40,000 total for undergraduate and graduate study. The payment set up for the Federal Perkins Loan can go for as long as ten years. To qualify for the government's Federal Financial Aid, you have to qualify for the two basic criteria: US citizenship and financial need.

Here are some extra tips and bits of advice that you should keep in mind when you’re surfing the Internet for Massage Therapy scholarships. First of all, look for deadlines of applications and, if possible, the date when the scholarship was offered. For example, if you come across what seems to be a generous and flexible scholarship on the website of a school near you, do not get too excited and look for their deadlines first. Sometimes they leave information on scholarships whose application period is already over. Sometimes websites are not regularly updated, so you might be looking at a scholarship that isn’t even offered anymore. Second, you should also be aware that whether you are looking for Massage Therapy scholarships or programs for any other field there are certain requirements that you should always have ready like a resume and at least two referrals from relevant people. Work experience is always a plus in your field of course, so do not hesitate to include that in your application if there is a space allotted for it. Finally, write down the contact information of the schools and organizations that you find so you can talk to them directly if you have other questions that are not addressed on their websites.