Medical Scholarships for Future Doctors

All the medical students' noble purposes boil down to this phrase: to serve the poor and to heal the sick. However, it takes more than just a noble purpose for them to graduate in college and be called doctors. They also need to be financially capable to handle all the expenses of medical school. Unfortunately, not all students who have intentions to become instruments of healing have the financial resources to fulfill their dreams.

Nevertheless, do not lose heart if you are one of those who can’t afford to pursue a degree in medicine. With so many scholarship grants out there, you will surely be able to finish college sans the hassle of paying for tuition and other school expenses.

Types of Scholarship Programs and Their Requirements

There are several different types of medical grants offered nowadays, thus, the qualifications and requirements also vary. There are scholarship programs that cover one's educational expenses from his first year in a medical college until he becomes a doctor. This means that the foundation will pay for his expenses from his pre-med course up to his medical doctorate.

For the undergraduate applicants of scholarship programs, you will be required to have a GPA of not lower than 2.5 or 3.0. Most programs prefer if you belong to the top of your class. Since the majority of scholarship programs are aimed to help underprivileged students, a lot of them require your family’s annual income statement for evaluation. In addition, you must already be admitted to the accredited college or university of your choice. Likewise, you must be enrolled in on a full-time basis in a 4-year preparatory medical course.

Another type of scholarship programs are those that are intended for people who plan to take up medical doctorate course. Applicants for this type of scholarships are often required to submit their school transcripts and preparatory medical course diploma. Apart from your school records, you will also need the recommendation of your professors. To qualify, you must be a medical student of excellent academic standing. Moreover, your physician’s licensure exam score should be above average.

Available Scholarship Programs

The Daughters of the American Revolution or DAR is an organization that offers financial assistance to students who want to pursue a degree in medicine. The great thing about this organization is that they grant scholarships regardless of their religion, sex, and race. As of the present, DAR has three scholarship programs: the Alice W. Rooke Scholarship, the Irene and Daisy MacGregor Memorial Scholarships, and Dr. Francis Anthony Beneventi Medical Scholarship. All these scholarship programs award $20,000 worth of financial assistance, which is disbursed for four consecutive years.

Another organization that offers scholarship programs is the National Medical Fellowships. This organization offers the Need-Based Scholarship Program, which is open to freshmen and sophomore medical students. It is imperative that the applicants are financially incapable of funding their college education. The awards of this program range from $500 to $10,000.

The Japanese American Citizens League is yet another scholarship program for aspiring doctors. The organization offers more than 30 awards that amount to $60,000. The different scholarships are open to both graduate and undergraduate students. Applicants of these scholarship programs must be members of the National JACL and must be enrolled in accredited colleges and universities.

Apart from organizations and foundations, there are also colleges and universities that have medical scholarships. One of these is the Mayo Medical School in Minnesota, which offers three kinds of scholarships for its students: the Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarships, the Merit Scholarships, and the Need-Based Grant Funds. The first one is for students who exhibit the most excellent academic achievements. The second one is for students who are not under any other scholarship program, while the last one is for those who have financial needs.


An important part of a medical student's application is his essay. A well-written essay makes a good first impression, which is important if you want to pick the interest of the scholarship program’s selection committee. For this reason, it is important that you exert extra effort in writing it. When writing your essay, it is important that you clearly state your objectives and goals. To add personality in your essay, cite experiences that lead you to a steadfast decision to enter medical school despite your financial shortcomings. Keep your essay honest and straightforward—avoid wordiness and digression. Bear in mind that the selection committee reads hundreds of essays, and as such, it will be very difficult for them to set you apart from the rest. Hence, you should write a catchy introduction.