Military Scholarships: Marching Your Way to College

If you are among the proud US citizens who admire the men in uniform, then it's time to think about a military career. Not only is military service a rewarding profession, but it will also take you to places you've never been before. What's more, military scholarships can also cover the entire cost of your tuition. So apart from serving your own country, you'll also have the chance to afford a college education.

The Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and the Air Force are among the many branches of the US military service. Each carries a special task and has its own rules. But before you may take a step further on your application for a military scholarship, you might as well probe into the details to decide on which program will suit you best. This, of course, may be based on personal goals, character traits, and skills. For instance, your impressive skills in swimming as well as your strong will to save lives can commit you to serving the Coast Guard. Other than this, you may still explore other options as a soldier or an Air Force officer.

Apart from social security benefits for veterans, the military service package may include scholarship grants and financial assistance for the education of the children or spouse of the military officer. Hence, if you're a family member of a military servant, you may also apply for college scholarships using these special benefits.

Types of Military Scholarship

You'll find more than a dozen military scholarship programs based on your chosen field of service. The most popular of which is the Montgomery G. I. Bill that provides additional college funds for two-year vocational or four-year college courses. But to help you narrow down your search and identify the ones that are right for you, the Web also offers a wealth of information. On top of this, you may also inquire at military academies or even consult with a recruiter. Through these options, you'll learn more about the requirements and benefits of each program for the Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, and for military veterans.

Scholarships from the Navy

If you have your eye on being a Naval officer, you may also afford college education as a dependent of a military servant. You may qualify for financial assistance from various foundations and associations such as the Navy Counselors's Association and The Fleet Reserve Association. As a member of these organizations, dependents are given college scholarship funds up to $5,000.

Scholarship from the Army

Apart from working for the army as a soldier, your option may also include working as a health officer. The US Army Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) sponsors scholarship grants for full-time students who will be required to serve the US Army after the graduate study. This program may cover up to four years of full-tuition cost depending on the application. However, each year will also be equivalent to the year of service for the US Army.

Scholarship programs for the dependents of army officers are also available through The National Scholarship Awards Program and the Major General James Ursano Scholarship Fund. Applicants should be in good academic standing and must establish the need for financial assistance. The amount of college fund ranges from $1,000 to a higher amount, depending on the special case. Memorial scholarships for non-commissioned and discharged officers are also open for application.

Scholarship from the Marines

Dependents of Marine officers who can either be active in duty, deceased, disabled, or discharged from the service may receive $500 up to $3,000 as a college fund. The 1st Marine Division Association Scholarships, the 4th Marine Division Association Scholarships, and Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation are among those that offer financial assistance to deserving undergraduate students with a GPA score not lower than 2.0.

Scholarship from the Air Force

Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate studies from different foundations are open to children and spouses of Air Force officers. The General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program are among the good number of associations that accept applicants who meet the standards on financial needs and academic merits.

Scholarship from the Coast Guard

Active members of the Coast Guard also have the chance to acquire one of the two full-time scholarship grants from Keiser College. In order to qualify, the applicant should have a four-year service in his record, should be interested in taking an undergraduate study, and must be endorsed by his own superior.

Military Scholarship through ROTC

Through the special program for Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC), you can qualify for a college scholarship grant. However, this program also requires service years after graduation, that can lasts up to a period of eight years.

Other options also include scholarship for veterans, military reservists, or through community foundations affiliated with the military service.

Requirements for a Military Scholarship
To qualify for a military scholarship, you should furnish copies of these requirements: letters of recommendation and request, transcript of records, proof of income, resume, and essay.

Evaluation will also be based on a GPA score of 2.0 or 3.0 for other programs. As an additional advice, score more points through your community service, test scores, and other social activities. In addition to these, you should justify your goals in choosing the military service in your essay and expect service years for the military in place of the scholarship grant.