Minority Scholarships

A Minority Scholarships Overview

Diversity is one thing that the typical modern educational institution does not want to do without. Most universities and colleges have an established scholarship program set up for minority groups, such as African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.

Scholarships for Minorities

Statistically speaking, minority groups tend to have difficulty getting into college for a wide range of reasons. Some of them fail to finish high school for a myriad of reasons, while others simply lack the motivation to pursue further studies and end up in a trade or in manual labor. There are those who manage to get to college and succeed in that level of education, but so many other students that have the potential seem to lack the material resources to get there.

This statistical problem is alleviated by scholarship programs and organizations dedicated to letting promising students from minority groups obtain academic scholarships in the schools of their choice. Almost every degree out there has some slots reserved for students on academic scholarship programs, no matter how small the enrollee population of the degree is. Also, some professional groups also fund programs such as this, seeing them as a potential source of future qualified employees.

Take A Creative Approach

Almost anything outside of the norm can be considered a minority, thanks to the definition of the term. This does not just apply to races like African-Americans, Asians, and the like. This also includes certain details about a person that make them stand out from the majority of students in a college.

Physical traits that aren't common, such as being left-handed, can be considered a minority condition. Some organizations offer left handed scholarships. In fact, it actually is considered in a minority group and there is a college in the US that has a standing offer for a scholarship aimed towards left-handed students.

While the above case can be a bit extraordinary, that is just one example of someone taking a creative route to obtaining a scholarship. Yes, the obvious ones are pretty easy to see, but an applicant might be surprised to find what sorts of minorities have scholarships set up in some universities. While not all of them are popular or have big campuses, they are all respectable and offer excellent education.

The Major Categories of Scholarships for Minority Students

Despite the considerable number of minorities out there, most educational institutions take their minority scholarship programs seriously and only have specific groups allowed to take advantage of those protocols. The major groups involved in this would be African-Americans, Hispanics and Latinos, and Asians. Those three are considered the most sizable minority groups in the US today, so it is understandable that most universities have programs designed to help talented students from these groups in getting financial aids for their collegiate studies.

Perhaps second to the aforementioned minorities would be the scholarship programs for Native Americans. Statistically speaking, more and more Native Americans are leaving their traditional roles in the reservations and going out into the world. There are several who wish to pursue studies in universities and colleges, obtain bachelor's degrees, but only a few of them have the finances for such pursuits. There are, however, several scholarship funds that were founded specifically to help Native American students with financing their college studies.

Another common minority group that has special scholarship programs would be ones that are designed for women. Female students are still outnumbered by male students and there are some families that would prefer not to send their daughters to college due to lack of funds to pay the tuition. A prominent organization, the American Association of University Women, has a special department set up to help finance talented female students who do not have the finances to pay tuition and other expenses. The group also helps women in attempting to fund their dreams of getting a post-graduate degree.

Another minority that is frequently considered would be the offspring of military veterans. Veterans are well-respected for their service to their country, and students who require financial aid and are children of former US military members can apply for scholarships. Some state-operated universities have special funds set aside for students of former US servicemen that are low on funds. There are also large foundations and organizations, such as the Horatio Alger Scholarship Program, that offer programs for those who have served in the military, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finally, perhaps in an effort to ensure that the school administration and policies are truly non-discriminatory, most reputable universities also have scholarships set up for students coming from the LGBT community. In other words, homosexual and bisexual people can also apply for scholarships as members of minorities. The American Anthropological Association has the LGBT community listed as a minority and is among their list of groups that can be sponsored for scholarships, research grants, and other financial stipulations.