Nursing Grant

As a part of the Federal government’s interest in keeping the United States’ economy healthy and vibrant, various agencies are assigned funds that are dedicated to be disbursed in the form of a nursing grant. These grants aim to service segments of the economy that are usually neglected, because turnaround on yields for such aims take much longer than corporations can stomach, this is why the private sector isn’t involved in space exploration or any research at such a level (yield is unknown and far off). Through various agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control, nursing grants are awarded to health and medical students of great potential.

For Federal grants, the application is centralized to the website, Like the MCATs, an application is saved at this central location and in turn, distributed to any number of grants that are registered and qualified by the Federal government. This initial process over the website is referred to as a primary application. So called secondary applications will be instigated by the grantor and will entail an interview and submitting further information on a form, specific to the grantor.
After the Federal government, States make up for the second largest grantor in the United States for nursing grants. These funds aren’t necessarily disbursed by the government directly. Instead, the state will often work with local nursing schools, distributing to them the funds and allowing them to invoke and incorporate their own criteria for academic admissions on top of the grant’s requirements. Unlike scholarships, grants are passive in the sense that you won’t be solicited; i.e. if you’re a bright student and you know it, they’re not going to come to you: you need to seek them out.

Aside from state grants, you can also look to charitable foundations such as the Andrew Mellon Foundation in California. The criteria for grants from foundations vary from organization to organization. However, there are many charities - and it’s common for charities and businesses - to develop grant program that aim to assist the so called disadvantaged, the definition of which can include ethnic minorities, women (in fields where women are less represented), residents of economically depressed areas, etc.

The grant writing process for nursing grants will require you to demonstrate your resolve and motivation for seeking the nursing credential. Grantors use your application package to try to assess your character, first and foremost. This isn’t a quantitative test; this is a way of figuring whether you are a good fit with the character of the organization, the organization’s culture. Since a grant is essentially an endorsement and sponsorship, you are, in a sense, joining the organization. Of course, your academic record will be closely scrutinized. The competitive grants will demand more in terms of recommendations from college and your past employers; application packages with less accomplishments listed will be filtered out. Initial nursing grant proposals should be followed up on; don’t wait for them to call you. Like applying to nursing school, your chances of winning the grant improve the earlier your application is processed.