Obtaining Tennis Scholarships

Tennis Scholarships

For students who think that they have the makings of a future Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi, finding scholarships is the first step in realizing their dream of making it big in the world of tennis. It is famous not only in the United States but also worldwide. The good news is that an aspiring player can have the chance to pursue his dream of playing the sport he loves while earning a college degree for himself. There is a wide-range of colleges and universities which a student can choose from when applying for tennis scholarships.

However, before students can proceed with the choice of school or university where they can avail of a tennis scholarship, it is essential for them to first determine their skill level. This is necessary because the degree of competition from one college is not the same with other educational institutions. As guide for those who want to avail of athletic educational grants, below are some helpful information on how to become successful in looking and applying for tennis scholarships:

Basic Requirements Of Tennis Scholarships

Ideally, tennis coaches prefer to give scholarship grants to students who are in their senior year in high school. The reason for this is that this will give coaches the time to get to know their players longer and for students to be able to take full advantage of their athletic scholarships. The general principle in scholarship application is the earlier a student applies, the longer he can enjoy his educational grant.

Moreover, students intending to avail of this kind of athletic scholarship need to pass the admission test of the university or college where they intend to study. This will solidify their eligibility as varsity players of their school. Aside from this, a foreign student should pass the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as well. For good measure, maintaining a satisfactory grade point average (GPA) during his stint in high school can greatly boost a student's chance of acquiring a scholarship.

Applying For The Scholarship

The timing of application also has an impact on a student's opportunity to get into a tennis team. Competitions usually get underway in January, so the appropriate time for students to try their luck for a scholarship is on August or the fall season, for it is during this time when the schools or colleges conduct their athletic training programs. However, it should be noted that coaches need enough time to evaluate and decide on the composition of their teams. As such, students should allocate sufficient time for the screening of applicants.

Applying for scholarships halfway through the competitions is likewise a viable option. Coaches do not discount the possibilities of injuries and other unforeseen incidents. The student can initially consider applying as a substitute or alternate player. Any time a member becomes ineligible, he can immediately fill the spot vacated by the excused player. Although there are lesser benefits at this time, the important thing is that the student has already made it to the roster.

Searching For The University Or College

Colleges and universities in the United States are categorized into Division I, II, and III. With Division I schools, students should expect stiff competition from rival institutions. Here, the degree of play is intense and fierce. Students who do not have excellent skills in tennis should never consider applying for tennis scholarships in these schools. It is worth noting that schools belonging to the Division 1 category provide over 270 scholarships for male students and more than 300 grants for the female students.

Moreover, students can likewise gun for scholarships in the Division II schools. An average kind of player may get an opportunity to bag a scholarship in this category. Although not as prestigious as the Division I schools, getting an education in these educational institutions is not bad at all.

Choosing The Scholarship Program

In general, there are three kinds of scholarship programs that a student can consider. The first one is the full scholarship. Here, the school shoulders the tuition, board and lodging, and other expenses of the student. This kind of grant is renewable yearly provided that the recipient abides by the school rules or maintains a satisfactory mark.

A tennis athlete can likewise be offered partial scholarships. With this kind of educational scholarship, the school shoulders a certain portion of the student's expenses. Partial scholarships may also vary every year based on the performance of the athlete.