Pageant Contestants Scholarships for Students Queens

A student who is gifted with both beauty and brains is often honored with the task of joining pageants to wow the audience with her amazing traits. For the winners of certain beauty pageants, the prize at stake, aside from the crown and the title, is a nice scholarship for her college education. A beauty queen does not only require a winsome smile and a statuesque figure to go a long way in life. A college education, even a bachelor degree, is crucial to have a successful life.

Of course, completing a college education is no easy feat. Aside from juggling extra-curricular activities and academics, a student will also need to come up with sufficient funds to pay for both the tuition and miscellaneous expenses. Obviously, due to the increase in education costs, a regular student would have a hard time paying all of these bills. Thankfully, there are myriad organizations in the country today that give high value for the women's need for higher education and promote the goodwill of young American women. This institutions are mostly non-profit, and their only aim is to give a lending hand to needy students.

Scholarships for the College Beauty Queen

As mentioned, there are public and private organizations that are sponsoring pageants and are offering college scholarship grants to winners as prizes. These noble acts have provided support for many pageant contestants who do not have the resources to enter nor finish college. There are several popular organizations that offer pageant contestants scholarships, and the most popular ones are the Miss America Organization and America's Junior Miss, Miss America's Outstanding Teen.

Miss America Organization
Of the three, the Miss America Organization is the most popular, as it provides over 50 million dollars of scholarship assistance for around 12,000 young ladies each year -- making this organization the leading provider of academic scholarship in the world. The good thing about their scholarship program is that it is open and available for almost everyone, even to those who did not win an award. The scholars will get assistance in their undergraduate studies or graduate degree to allow them to finish their studies.

AJM Scholarship Foundation
The AJM Scholarship Foundation, on the other hand, assists in the college education of the highest placers in The America's Junior Miss tilt. For a long time now, the AJM pageant contestants scholarships have assisted many young ladies in getting into prestigious universities and colleges like Standford, Princeton, Yale, and even Harvard. Being backed by the AJM must be a good thing, as more women try their hands in joining the contest and taking advantage of the opportunity to receive scholarship.

Miss America's Outstanding Teen
The Miss America's Outstanding Teen organization also offers scholarships to most of the contestants from all the states. All the candidates who are winners in their respective states all get a scholarship award worth $1,000. Also, for the lucky girl who wins the crown and as well as the special honors, she can get $30,000 worth of scholarship. The organization continues to give scholarships for 35 years now, and they have reached almost 125 million dollars.

Aside from nationwide organizations, there are also state institutions that provide pageant scholarships for students. For instance, The Miss Texas Organization, in partnership with the Miss America Organization, has been giving away scholarships worth $ 2 million to both winners and non-winners. The funds provided by the said organization was from the contributions of individuals and business sponsors to support students as they continue on their professional journeys. Interested individuals can inquire at the official website: and fill out an information request form.

Another scholarship granter is The International Cinderella Scholarship Program. For 30 years, the said organization has awarded millions of financial support for women from both the US and other countries. To those who want to join either as a director or a participant, visit the organization's website and complete an online form. Moreover, the Miss Teenage California Pageant, which was founded back in the '70s, rewards and recognizes the California female youth who embodies beauty, grace, and brains. In the pageant, the lucky winner gets $10,000 in scholarship, while her runner-ups and finalists also gets their own partial scholarship awards.

The growing number of pageant scholarship grants show that beauty queens need quality education as well. Joining these pageants could just be a way for them to reach for their dreams of becoming successful and popular professionals in the country.