Pay Less for College of Twins

Scholarships for Twins

College is quite hard to finance, let alone if the parents are sending not just one but two or more of their kids. Parents of multiple births would surely find it challenging to finance their children’s education, most especially if they are not well-off and were not able to save for it. The good news is that there are agencies, organizations, groups, and individuals that help finance the education of multiple siblings. Some even offer discounts on the next child’s tuition, which is nonetheless a great help at a time of financial crisis.

There are only a few number of scholarships made for twins, but if you are patient enough to look around, you will surely find one that will meet your requirements and needs.

Sources of Twin Scholarships

The local groups in your area are just some of the best sources of twin scholarships. More often than not, these groups were founded by parents who have twin children. If there are no such local groups in your area, you can also try searching for organizations, agencies, or institutions that have scholarship programs aimed at helping twins earn college degrees.

The local government is also another great source of twin scholarships. You can inquire at the appropriate government offices for any financial assistance for twins. Surely, there’s a government agency or two that will be able to help you out.

The Web also teems of websites that offer information about various available scholarship programs in the United States. You can just log on to any search engine, type the right keywords, and you will surely get dozens of useful results.

Available Scholarship Programs for Two

Twin scholarships come in different forms and sizes, and usually depend on the requirements of the program and the need of the applicants. The most prominent type is the so-called “enroll two for the price of one” program. In this program, a pair of twins enrolls in college but they only pay a single person’s worth of tuition and other school expenses.

The Morris Brown College in Georgia is just one of the academic institutions that give this kind of scholarship for twins. The Sterling College of Kansas offers about the same aid, by giving 50% discount on both twins’ tuitions. Meanwhile, Ohio’s Notre Dame College, only offers 50% off on the other twin’s tuition. Other schools that offer discounts for twins include Pennsylvania’s Wilson College, which offers 45% off on both twins’ tuition fees and Ohio’s Lake Erie College, which offers 50% discount.

If the specific college or university you are applying for does not offer such financial assistance, you can look around for organizations that do. The Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc. is one of these organizations. Established in 1962, this generous organization is non-profit and provides information, services, and support for twins and their mothers. It also has an existing scholarship program, but unfortunately, it is directed to the parents of twins rather than the twins themselves.

Meanwhile, the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio offers financial assistance to twins who will attend the annual event. The Twins Days Festival is held every August and is open to all kinds of multiples—identical, triplets, fraternal, etc. Worthy recipients of the scholarship grants each get $1,000 financial assistance.

Requirements for Twin Scholarships

Apart from being the other half of a twin set, there are other requirements that you still need to meet. One of the major requirements of most twin scholarship programs is an excellent academic standing. Most of the programs require the applicants to have GPAs not lower than 3.0. More often than not, a list of personal achievements is also needed. Applicants of scholarship programs must also be active in community services and extracurricular activities. In most cases, applicants must truly be incapable of financing their college education to easily qualify for the scholarships.

Finding Other Scholarships

Even though scholarships for twins are very few and far between, don’t lose hope because you may still qualify for other types of scholarships. As long as you keep a good scholastic record, you can easily apply for an Art scholarship, an Agriculture scholarship and other scholarship programs available these days. Keep in mind that a twin scholarship is not the only help you can get.

Prepare Yourself for More Challenges Ahead

Going to college is not that simple. It comes with a host of responsibilities and unimaginable costs. You need to prepare yourself for the challenges it will bring aside from the ones already laid out by your academics. In any case, you will not have to worry too much because scholarship programs already take the bigger burden off college education—tuition.