Physical Grants for Physical Therapy Students

Physical therapists are one of the most sought-after jobs in the United States. This is because they help improve the quality of life for people with a sickness, disability and injury. As more and more Americans get older, the need for physical therapists will further increase. Thus, many students are considering taking up a Physical Therapy program. However, the college cost could be a hindrance to many students, especially those who are coming from low income families. For bright students, such a problem is not an issue because there are many schools and organization which offer a physical grant.

Some universities that offer scholarships and grants to Physical Therapy students include the University of Maryland and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Through its Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, the University of Maryland is sponsoring the Kendall Scholarship Fund. The grant, named after Clifford M. Kendall, offers financial support to undergraduate Physical Therapy students. To be eligible for the grant, the student must demonstrate financial need and should have at least a 3.0 average grade.

Meanwhile, University of Nevada at Las Vegas’ School of Allied Health Science is offering the Kitty Rodman Award. The award is named after philanthropist Kitty Rodman. Rodman’s generous gift to the university helped established the school’s Physical Therapy program. The grant is given to a second year student who demonstrates financial need and has a 3.5 grade point average. Aside from the Kitty Rodman Award, the university is also sponsoring the Rural Health Scholarship. The scholarship is being offered to first year students who come from poor families in the state.
There are also private organizations that offer a physical grant. One of them is the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics Health Professions Student Grants are given to students who are enrolled in a health sciences program, including Physical Therapy. The students could be in an undergraduate, graduate, doctorate or post doctorate program. The grants are first offered to people who are studying a program that is aligned with the missions and goals of the Special Olympics. Meanwhile, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) offers research and doctoral studies grant to physical therapists who are pursuing advanced studies that will help improve their Physical Therapy career. APTA was founded in the 1930s and is the main organization that is actively helping to advance the field.

The Texas Physical Therapy Education and Research Foundation is also offering a physical grant to students who are pursuing Physical Therapy doctorate programs. The foundation is offering $1000 and $3000 to post-graduate students as well as Physical Therapy faculty. In exchange for the grant, the individual must teach in an approved institution or should publish a professional research-based article about the discipline. Another association that is helping to advance Physical Therapy is the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association. It offers financial aid to help pay for the expenses in the last year of studies of both physical therapy students and physical therapy assistant students. For students who are interested in getting a physical grant, the College’s website offers information on such topic.