Rowing your Way to a College Degree

Get your oars ready for these rowing scholarships made available by universities and rowing organizations all over the United States. Thanks to Title XI, rowing as a sport is no longer limited to men. In fact, special rowing scholarships are also open for women who are part of the rowing team. Start looking for the perfect scholarship and win the race to earning that diploma.

University-based Scholarships

If you're interested in joining the Tar Heel Athletics of University of North Carolina, you can try applying for one of the Weaver-James-Corrigan postgraduate scholarships available every year. Grantees will be given $5,000 worth of scholarship money which they may use for tuition, food, lodging, and other expenses in graduate studies. To be eligible, applicants should be student athletes having impressive academic and athletic backgrounds. Active participation in community service is also considered.

The Lady Volunteers at the University of Tennessee, meanwhile, enjoy the Packaging Insight Rowing Scholarship which is open to all female student athletes. Online application forms may be downloaded from their website. The university also has some general scholarships open to all athletes. Some of them are the Frankie E. Wade & T. Robert Hill Scholarship, the Haynes-Her Way Scholarship Endowment, and the Bruce & Shirley Avery Gift.

For student athletes planning to study at the University of Iowa, you may avail of the scholarship grants offered by their Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Financial aid covers tuition, lodging, food, and other expenses. To help lessen the financial burden of more student athletes, the Hawkeye Visions Endowment Program also offers generous amounts of endowed scholarships to students who bring pride to the university through their athletic and scholastic achievements. If you qualify, a portion or the total cost of your tuition may be covered.

In the University of Kansas, they have the Williams Educational Fund to provide financial assistance to their student athletes, especially those who are members of their rowing team, Jayhawks. Their alumni and other members of the community help in funding for tuition, food, lodging, and other expenses.

Scholarships from Rowing Clubs and Organizations

Have you found the best rowing scholarship already? If not, look into these rowing clubs and organizations who help junior rowers realize their dreams.

At Virginia, the Hampton Roads Rowing Club makes this possible for graduating high school students in Tidewater. Two students (male and female) will be given financial aid. To become eligible, applicants should be willing to continue being athletes while studying for a college degree in either a Club-affiliated or NCAA-approved course program. Interested students must provide a recommendation letter from their high school coach. Applicants' citizenship or residency will not be considered in reviewing applications.

For postgraduates who would like to work part-time, the Amateur Rowing Association gives you the Henley Stewards' Charitable Trust (HSCT) scholarship program wherein qualified students will be given financial aid for two years. To become eligible, applicants should be knowledgeable of coaching sculling, particularly of the Go Row program. They should also be willing to work with young people and volunteers/staff. Other requirements are a minimum of ARA Instructors Award or UKCC L2 in Rowing, ability to work with deadlines, excellent organization skills, and relevant scholastic background. Applicants should have own means of transportation, commitment to the ARA Youth Development Program, and an accomplished Criminal Records Bureau “Enhanced” Disclosure form.

Grant recipient should finish particular ARA projects, coach 11-18 year olds in assigned partnerships, attend coaching meetings, promote positive outlook of HSCT and the ARA, and comply with postgraduate requirements.

To help you find a good university with a competitive rowing team and coach, you can sign up for an account at It gives you a free chance to be recruited by over 25,000 NCAA coaches from different divisions and to get one of the 1,000 NCAA athletic scholarships offered annually. All you have to do is to is make your own profile, including personal, athletic, and academic information, which will be viewed by coaches from NCAA and different colleges. Athletes may also include photos and footages to their profiles. And to give them an idea of what coaches are looking for, the sits has its own profile which includes information about their rowing programs.

The site also gives students a chance to look for other profiles posted by schools, coaches, and teams. An Automatic Notification System also helps coaches to immediately view the athlete's profiles which match the qualifications they have set. Apart from all these helpful features, both athletes and coaches can easily contact each other.