Scholarship Grants For Track And Field Players

Doing well in track and field may also mean getting in to a university or college of your choice. As more and more American college students engage in this sport, the number of colleges and universities that offer track and field scholarships also grows.

There are more than a thousand schools all over America that provide scholarship grants to high school graduates. The offered financial assistance is in exchange of the student's responsibility to play with the college's track and field team. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the one that handles the administering of the scholarship grants. The number of scholarships to be given depends on the division of the school that the students are applying in. The coaches from different leagues also take part in the selection of track and field scholars.

Division among colleges and universities also means that the level of performance of each prospect athlete vary. The Division 1, compared to Division II and III, generally has the highest level of standards. But regardless of the division, aspiring applicants should constantly work hard because only the deserving has the chance.

Track Scholarship Requirements

Like any other sports grant, a track scholarship requires that a student should have completed high school. The applicant must be 18 to 24 years old because coaches from different leagues opt for younger players, who they think can work with them for a long time.

A wishful student should also submit a well-composed resume that contains all the necessary information about him, including the tournaments he participated in. The tournaments participated in by the athlete can boost his chances of getting the scholarship as well as his rankings. Competition is very common during the recruitment process of any scholarship,that is why it is essential that students learn their best assets before applying for it will be their passport to a very good future.

A prospective scholar can also submit photos of himself and a video during a particular tournament so that coaches can strongly evaluate the application.

However, scholarship grants are not just about the tournaments that a student had participated in. The academic grades also matter when it comes to scholarship programs. Some schools require a certain grade for a student to qualify for a scholarship grant. As such, it is better that a balance is established between sports and academics. Some postgraduate scholarship programs require a minimum academic grade of 3 or 3.5 to become an eligible applicant.

Schools With Track And Field Teams

A prospective track scholar should plan when and where to apply. It is essential that the application is processed before the Spring Term, which is considered the Track and Field season. Students are also encouraged to avail of evaluation from coaches before applying for a track scholarship.

Knowing the perfect time to apply for a track scholarship is as essential as knowing where to apply. Top universities and colleges offer scholarship grants to eligible track and field players. One of the best teams among universities and colleges is the women's team of Virginia Tech.

Now, there are more than 700 schools with women's track and field team and more than 600 institutions with track and field men's team in the NCAA division. With these population, students have more diverse choices and a greater possibility of landing a scholarship grant in any of these schools. Students should also bear in mind that the school selection is a very crucial part in every application. Interested students should consider all available options for them.

Postgraduate Track Scholarship Programs

There are several track scholarship programs available for postgraduate students. In fact, NCAA offers 174 scholarships for both male and female track and field players yearly. Allowance is also provided by Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship Program to a male and a female scholar. A Byer Scholar has the chance to renew the program if he has demonstrated good character and leadership abilities. On the other hand, the East Stroudsburg University and Clark College also offer wide range of scholarship opportunities to deserving track and field athletes.

Attitude And Skill Work Well Together

Landing in a track scholarship also means marketing one's self. It means making your credentials known without appearing too confident. Students should let their credentials speak for themselves, but they must remember that more will be expected from them. A little boost on one's self-esteem, coupled with actions that show one's determination, will surely help every student get the track scholarship they deserve. Aspiring students should bear in mind that attitude and skill always work well together.