Scholarships for History Majors

Earning that history degree should not take ages just because you're low in cash. Scholarships are within your reach and maybe even within your campus. Universities, foundations, and even honor societies offer financial aid to history majors like you. Aside from countless scholarships, there are also essay contests giving scholarships and monetary awards to winners.

School-based Scholarships

Some universities offering scholarships for history majors are the Austin Peay State University (APSU), the Washington State University (WSU), and the James Madison University (JMU). But location should not limit your chances because there could be a university near you that's offering the perfect scholarship.

Located in Tennnesse, APSU offers two programs giving $500 annually to qualified history majors. The Preston Hubbard Scholarship in History is open to history majors in their second year of study who have earned an overall 3.0 GPA, at least 12 SH, and a 3.5 GPA in history. For history majors in their junior or senior year, they may apply for the Fred Seip, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. To qualify, students must have a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA each year. Criteria for eligibility also include financial need.

History majors in WSU can choose over many scholarships offered by their department. Special grants are given to students enrolled in a particular course. The Pettyjohn Research Fellowship is open to graduate students studying Pacific Northwest history. For graduate students taking up Public history or Pacific Northwest history, they can apply for the Herman J. Deutsch Memorial Fellowship. Graduate students in diplomatic history can avail of the Edward & Margaret Bennett Scholarship. The Leta Olmstead Smith Scholarship is given to undergraduate majors enrolled in rural history.

WSU also has scholarships lined up for achievers in the field of academics and research. For undergraduate majors having excellent scholastic records, the following scholarships are offered: the Claudius O. Johnson Memorial Scholarship, William M. Landeen & Claudius O. Johnson Scholarship Fund, the Ruth Magnuson Roberts Scholarship, and the Winston B. Thorson Memorial Scholarship. The Howard C. Payne Award is given to undergraduate majors having excellent research work.

For undergraduate and graduate majors with excellent academic performance, the following grants are available: the Morris Reed Scholarship, the Raymond Muse History Scholarship, and the Wayne Stanford History Scholarship. Graduate majors having excellent research work can qualify for the Claudius O. and Mary W. Johnson Graduate Fellowship.

Special awards are also given to graduate students who took assistantships at WSU. The Bernard Bobb Excellence Award is given to the best teaching assistant instructor while excellent teaching assistants can receive the Frederick Dumin Memorial Scholarship.

Research work is also given due recognition and assistance. The David H. Stratton Award is given to graduate students having the best dissertation. For assistance in research project, graduate students may apply for the Department of History Graduate Research Fellowship.

At JMU, undergraduate history majors planning to travel for research purposes (senior honor's thesis, a conference, or a paper to be published by a well-known journal) can apply for the Clive R. Hallman History Undergraduate Scholars Award. Applicants must fill up an application form, surrender receipts for reimbursement, and submit a supporting letter from the project supervisor.

Other Scholarships

History majors belonging to honor societies like the Phi Alpha Theta can avail of scholarships offered to members. Undergraduates who will produce the best essay on the American experience in World War I will receive $1,000 as reward from Phi Alpha Theta and the Western Front Association. The Graydon A. Tunstall, Jr. Scholarship offers $1,000 to junior members taking up Modern European history. Qualifications include monetary need and academic performance. A member who writes excellent research papers on topics about world history will receive the Phi Alpha Theta/World History Association Paper Prize worth $400. Recipients may have their materials included in the World History Association or Phi Alpha Theta academic journals.

Universities and institutions have essay contests open to history majors or those planning to take history. The University of Utah gives away $150 to students who can produce excellent essays about any topic on history. For high school students interested to study history, joining the U.S. Institute of Peace National Peace Essay Contest can help shoulder the expense. Students should send four copies of their essay having 1,500 words or less. Essays should be about the US response to global conflict.

Each state will have a first place winner who will receive college scholarships worth $1,000 each, a free trip to Washington, D.C., and a chance to listen to lectures given by the country's well-renowned scholars.