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Left Handed Scholarships

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There is one thing that Albert Einstein, Picasso, Babe Ruth, and the former US Presidents Garfield, Reagan, and Clinton have in common – they are all left-handed. An estimated average of 11% of the population of the world is left-handed. Left-handed persons are called such because their left hand is more dominant than their right hand. This means that they use their left hand more often than their right hand even when doing simple chores like sweeping, writing, cooking, or lifting. They are also believed to be more artistic compared to the right-handed. In the past, left-handedness was a social stigma and the cause of discrimination.

Nowadays, left handed individuals are no longer treated odd but ordinary citizens and oftentimes above average, especially when the names of the popular, intelligent, and exceptional left-handed artists, athletes, and leaders are mentioned. If you are also left-handed, then you also have something in common with those famous people mentioned. Your left-handedness can also be your passport to scholarship grant, so that your left-handedness will not only be your similarity with the other popular names, but your mind and skills, as well.

Left Handed Scholarships Program: Its Qualifications and Requirements

So far there is only one school that offers scholarship with a special qualification that is left-handedness. This particular school is the Pennsylvania's Juniata College. Juniata offers southpaws of free educational grant through The Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship program. This program was established in 1979 by Mary Francis Buckley. Since then, it has helped and sent over 40 students to school.

This academic grant is exclusive for applicants who have been studying in Juniata College for at least one year. A student can request an application form for a left handed scholarship from the school and upon its submission, the student will be asked if he is left-handed. Left-handedness is simply one of the conditions in applying for this scholarship. Although the committee that screens an applicant does not strictly check if an applicant is left-handed, it will be best to prepare for a list of personal references who can confirm that you are indeed left-handed. Aside from this qualification, an applicant should have a good academic performance and excellent leadership skills. Because the scholarship grant is for the students of Juniata only, all an applicant should do is to submit the certification of his grades and recommendation. Generally, a student will be required of a grade not lower than 3.39 – better if he proves to be on the top of his class. This will be evaluated by the office for the admitting committee.

Grants for Left Handed Students

The scholarship program for left-handed awards a minimum of $1,000 and maximum of $1,500 educational grant to a qualified southpaw every year. This academic grant covers the tuition fees and allowances (book, dormitory, transportation, and food).

Tips for Getting a Left Handed Scholarship

The scholarship program for left-handed gives much weight on one's leadership skills. Hence, you should develop and improve this skill even before applying for educational grant programs. Leadership cannot be learned overnight. You should learn from experiences and undergo training.

It is said that a good leader is a good follower. Thus, to learn the skills in leadership one has to begin by becoming a follower. In school, you can do this by joining different clubs and organizations and actively participating in their activities. As a follower, begin your leadership study by thinking of how you can contribute to the group and how you can motivate others.

Eventually, you will notice that you are elevating yourself to a level worthy of becoming a leader. When one becomes a leader, he has to be sensitive of his members' feeling. He should always consider their opinion and give them the opportunities to show their talents. Another important trait of an outstanding leader is being a good model to his followers. He has to serve as a paragon of good values and righteous attitudes. He must learn to respect his teammates so that he may earn respect from them, too. Surely, if one has developed in him the qualities of a good leader, even his members will support him all the way to his scholarship application. All these things you should keep in mind and apply so you can qualify for the scholarship of your choice.

More About the Scholarship Programs

The educational grant for southpaws is just like any ordinary scholarship programs. The only difference is that this scholarship requires that the applicant be a left-handed. However, like any other scholarship programs, it gives emphasis on one's scholastic achievements and outstanding leadership skills. This only goes to show that everyone has the chance to obtain a scholarship grant for himself no matter what his physical attributes are. Most of the time, no matter how simple a student's ability that makes him unique compared to others, it may give him the privilege to avail academic grant programs. All he needs to do is to constantly search and diligently apply.

Scholarships for Left Handed Students