Scholarships For Swimmers And Divers

For students who have excellent skills in swimming and diving, earning their way to finish a college degree in the educational institution of their choice is very possible with a number of athletic scholarships available today. There are various programs that provide students the right to take part in swimming competitions while earning their college degrees. However, scholarships are not handed out on a silver platter, students should work hard for them and prove themselves to coaches and school authorities.

It is interesting to note that the government allots a considerable amount of money for athletic scholarships to be given to deserving athletes. In contrast to basketball and baseball, where every member is awarded separate scholarships, swimming and diving provide grants to only the best athletes in the team. In addition, the allotted amount depends on the category of the school where they belong. For example, schools characterized as Division I may offer more scholarships than lower ranked institutions. Likewise, the coach has the decision on the kind of scholarship that a student will receive.

Scholarship Requirements

In general, a student who is fresh out of high school can avail of swimming and diving scholarships. These grants are open to seniors who are intending to pursue undergraduate studies in any course of their liking. This is the ideal scenario preferred by most schools because the coaches can have enough time to assess the capability of the recipient. The sooner a student applies for the scholarship, the more he gives himself more time to prove his mettle as a competitor.

In addition, the applicable age in applying for these scholarships is 18 to 24 years old. Of course, the initial consideration for these scholarships is that the student should pass the university or college admission test. For foreign students seeking scholarships, they should pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Likewise, the applicant should pass the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). It will also boost their chances if students will have a satisfactory grade point average (GPA) as a high school senior.

Timing Application For Swimming Scholarships

Swimming competitions begin during winter so for a student who wants to be entitled to this kind of scholarship, his best call is to apply during autumn to be able to get himself ready for rigorous training. However, coaches might need sufficient time in evaluating a student's application, thus, it is advisable for an applicant to consider his application in advance.

Likewise, applying for scholarships after the competitions is another option. Coaches recognize the fact that injuries or other accidents can happen to any of his player, so if there is a need to fill up any vacancy in the team, the student who is next in line in the roster can be recalled to complete the team. While the benefits of the grant is not as attractive during the opening of the meet, getting into the team becomes very easy.

Looking For A University or College

For students who have already decided to apply for swimming and diving scholarships, their next consideration is the educational institution where they will apply. There are various factors that students should consider when looking for a college or university.

In general, the student should bear in mind the category of the school where he intends to apply for scholarship. Colleges and universities are clustered and fall into three classes namely Division I to III.

With Division I schools, the chance of acquiring a swimming scholarship can be tough due to the stiff competition that prevails in the various member schools. Here, the degree of competition is at its fullest. However, the individual skills of each team may vary from one team to another.

Division II schools provide students with a choice of smaller educational institutions. The degree of competitiveness in these universities is not as stiff as those from Division I. The last cluster of schools, the Division III, are generally regarded as the weakest institutions in terms of competitiveness. Unfortunately, students cannot apply for scholarships in these schools.

A Matter Of Personal Selling

Swimming and diving scholarships are more than just about athletic skills. Students who are gunning for a place in the varsity teams of their school must prove themselves worthy of the spot they are applying for. Coaches will not simply rely on exceptional skills but on the personality traits as well. It is pertinent for any student vying for this kind of scholarship to create an impact right away. This can be done by producing an impressive and informative video presentation of themselves.