Scholarships for Talented Artists of the Future

Students interested in the Arts could take advantage of the numerous scholarships to help lessen the burden of paying for a college education. However, with a million other students applying for these scholarships, competition can be very tough. As such, it is important that one arms himself with the right information to help himself achieve this goal.

The Road to Success

Luckily for the artists of this generation, there are many places where they can look for scholarships. The art department of different universities and colleges is generally the most common place to look for them. There are also groups and organizations who are dedicated to helping creative individuals get through college. Likewise, there are companies who are also willing to help out future Picassos and Da Vincis. One may also find art competitions and festivals excellent places to find financial help.

Wanted: Art Scholars

The Goshen College is just one of the many schools that offer departmental scholarships to interested students who wish to get involved with the Arts. It is available to sophomores and juniors who have good scholastic records with the college. Those who wish to apply must also be involved with the school’s art community and must possess a positive attitude towards learning. The scholarship is valid for up to two years and has to be renewed on its second year. A $900-worth of financial aid will be granted to those who will qualify.

One of the goals of the International Furnishings and Design Association is to send artists to school. The organization’s scholarship programs require that the candidates are already past their freshman year. This is to ensure that the recipients of the scholarships are already set in pursuing an Art degree. Another requirement for this scholarship is an excellent academic standing. More often than not, an art portfolio or sample works of the applicant are also requested.

The National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency that supports the Arts, offers various grants for different disciplines such as Musical Theater, Arts Education, Media Arts, Visual Arts, and Dance. Depending on the field of Arts one wishes to pursue, he may find a number of scholarship programs like Coming Up Taller and Save America’s Treasures that can help him out. Interested applicants may visit the agency’s official website for more information.

As mentioned, there are several companies who are willing to dole out financial aid to deserving individuals. Examples of these companies include Coca-Cola, Target, and Kodak. Target’s scholarship grants range from $1,000 to $3,000; while Coca-Cola’s financial aid is from $10,000 to $20,000. Applicants for these scholarships should have good scholastic records and should be active in the community.

Joining art festivals and competitions is another way to come across a college scholarship. Each year, numerous art festivals and competitions are held all over the country. Some of these events offer scholarships as awards to creative individuals who win the various art contents. A good example would be The Delaware Arts Festival, which is held every May. Among the requirements in entering the contest include a completed application, personal statement, scholastic transcript, resume, and two letters of recommendation.

Tips on Applying for Scholarships

Looking for scholarships is not really hard to do, but it involves a lot of work. However, if you know where and how to start, the entire process could be a walk in the park. Once you have found the scholarship programs that are available to you, compare them, and pick only the ones that have the best offers. Keep in mind that it would not hurt to qualify for more than one scholarship as this will give you more options. As a matter of fact, qualifying for multiple scholarships makes the process of choosing comparatively easier.

Choosing the scholarship program that suits you is only the beginning of the process. The more challenging part is meeting all the requirements and being able to submit them before the deadline. The trick is to prepare all necessary paperwork weeks before the cut-off date. If you are having difficulty gathering all required documents, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The earlier you finish this task, the better.

Perhaps the hardest part of applying and qualifying for a scholarship is proving others that you are truly worthy of the investment. Prove your potential by topping your classes and outperforming other students. You can also do this by joining extracurricular activities and being active in the community. Simply put, getting a scholarship grant is just a small slice of the battle; the bigger part involves how well you will use the given financial assistance to define your future.