See How Easily You Can Find Money For School

So you’ve just started to look for scholarships and financial aid and want to get started the right way?

Here are some very simple things you can do to find money for school.

Visit the College’s Financial Aid Office

Start off by visiting the college’s financial aid office and/or website. Usually the office will have a list of scholarships offered from private companies and organizations. Most offices are more than happy to walk you through all the different financial aid options and help you find ways to pay for college.

Make sure you also visit the college’s financial aid website. Many of these websites have useful tools like financial aid calculators, forms, and applications.

Visit Your High School Office

Your next stop should be your own high school’s financial aid office or career center. You can find local lists of scholarships and other useful financial aid resources. Make sure you ask your guidance counselor if there are any other resources your high school offers - sometimes you’ll find a scholarship that can’t be found elsewhere.

Check Out Your Local Library

The local library has connections with local businesses and may have additional books that list scholarships you can’t find published anywhere else.

Tap Into Online Resources

Websites like this one will help you find scholarships and help you apply for them. You should also join some free scholarship search websites and start searching for qualifying scholarships. There are so many different scholarships out there - it is almost guaranteed that one will fit your profile.

Apply For Everything

Once you have gathered all your information, apply for everything. Start filling out your FAFSA forms and scholarship applications as soon as you can.