Social Work Scholarship: Having the Chance to Help Others

Even with the fervent desire to help other people, not everybody may afford what it takes to be a social worker. The thing is before you can make any change in other people's lives, you first have to think of yourself. You should have the means to get by and have an undergraduate degree in able to work with different communities. Social work doesn't only require that you to have the heart and commitment to serve but to also have the knowledge and skills to intervene with real-life situations.

As a social worker, you'll have to deal with problems that involve family and personal conflicts coming from poverty, unemployment, health risk, drug addiction, and even domestic violence. Considering the prevalence of these incidents, the increased demand for this type of profession gave rise to scholarship grants for social work. With this, you may also specialize in counseling, planning, or even in policy making. However, you can also pursue a Master's degree to qualify for a clinical service. But before you go ahead with your plans, you still have to consider where to get the financial aid. A lot of organizations are involved in this program. So aside from state universities and community colleges, you must also get in touch with government agencies and private organizations.

Where to Seek Financial Help

Don't go too far in trying to search for a scholarship program all over the country. You may first check with government agencies that sponsor college funds based on your financial need. As such, health institutions are a great target. They usually grant your request in their support for social service and other related health activities. Check local community organizations. Some of them provide college funds not only to increase the number of social workers in the community but also to benefit from your part-time or full-time work in their facilities for a limited period. You may also make contributions for these agencies by research work and training.

When taking a special interest on social work, check the scholarship programs of state colleges and universities in your state. Academic grants and any form of financial assistance is not just limited to undergraduate studies but may also include master's and doctoral degrees. However, there are different rules that may apply to your financial situation. In any case, you should at least, have a basic idea of the requirements. Apart from academic excellence and worthiness for the social work, your request will be evaluated based on your need for financial assistance.

You may file your request at The College of Social Work in the University of Utah that generates college funds through donations and sponsorships or the Arizona State University, which provide other sources of financial aids through grants and loans. Meanwhile, the Case Western Reserve University will also be a good choice for minority students who can receive full tuition credits through the Louis Stokes Grant. Wellesley College also offers academic grants for first year college students, while Wayne State University provides its scholarship programs for eligible students who may pursue both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Expecting the tough competition, you can also explore more options through private organizations or group affiliations. These agencies will help you pursue a social work degree in lieu of your research and service contributions. As with The American Cancer Society, it finances aspiring college students who will also serve and deal with cancer survivors in the future. You can as well participate in outreach programs and present your research papers for organizations that may benefit from it as you submit your petition for a scholarship grant.

Little Things That You Should Know About Social Work Scholarships

There's no standard amount for the scholarship grant you'll get. However, it usually ranges from as little as $1,000 and sometimes to an average of $3,000. Other foundations employ a fixed rate, while some may use your financial need as their basis. In addition to this, you also have to establish why you need the assistance. You may submit a proof of income or simply fill out the application form that verifies this part of the evaluation.

Remember that the chance of approval also requires you to have good grades.
You may be required to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or even higher depending on institutions standards. But either way, you should not take scholarship opportunities for granted. You can prove yourself worthy of the scholarship by submitting a well-detailed resume or application letter. Your extracurricular activities will also help add more plus points.

Being earnest is also important for you to have the scholarship. Make sure that all the paperworks are done and are received by your prospective institutions before they close the application for the program. You will also be invited for an interview, so take time to really know the organization that you are applying for. Moreover, for government agencies an non-government foundations to consider your request, you have to possess the determination and commitment to do the noble task of social work.