Sorority Scholarships: Empowering Women through the Years

Perhaps for you, sororities are popular because of their involvement in physical violence considering the endless reports about hazing and school wars among women. Because of this negative image, who will think that there is more than just violence in sororities? To clear the negative image out, sororities are mainly formed to protect women's rights and one of those rights is to have good education.

Many women from across the world are not able to study because of financial hindrances. That is why sororities created programs that grant scholarships to these students. Inevitably, these scholarships are given exclusively to women.

Who Gives the Scholarship

Any established sorority in any university can grant scholarships to women. The very first sorority was founded in 1851. Since then, this group of women have grown and multiplied in numbers. The growth of sororities will never happen if not for their positive objective of helping young women. That's why today, sororities around the world include hundreds of organizations that continue to surpass the test of time and excel in different fields. These sororities give special scholarships to women who are not able to study because of lack of money. Some examples of sororities are Alpha Beta Sigma, Alpha Chi Omega, and Alpha Delta Sigma.

Kinds of Scholarship

Though sororities are generous enough to grant scholarships to women, there are still some limitations in these grants that you should take note of. The most important thing that you should know about scholarships given by sororities is that they are classified according to membership, class of women, and subject.

Scholarships according to membership simply means that you must join in the sorority before this sorority provides you any scholarship. Truly, getting involved in any sorority is the first step to gain this kind of scholarship. Some sororities like the Kappa Delta Sorority and Alpha Chi Omega grant scholarships to graduate as well as undergraduate students whereas other sororities like the Alpha Xi Delta give scholarships to undergraduates only.

If you are a member of any sorority that involves minority women such as those who live in third world countries, then you also have a chance to win a sorority scholarship. Some examples of these sororities are Alpha Kappa Alpha that gives scholarships for both men and women and Phi Delta Kappa, a sorority composed of teachers that gives scholarships to minority women who specialize in education.

The last kind of scholarship given by sororities is according to subject. This kind of sorority scholarship is given to women according to the field of study that they choose. For instance, you want to venture in Engineering. In which case, you should apply for the scholarship given by the Alpha Omega Epsilon sorority. Or if you picture yourself as a pharmacist in the future, Kappa Epsilon can help you. Aside from Phi Delta Kappa, another sorority that supports Education majors is Delta Theta Chi.


Getting any sorority scholarship is easy; that is, if you meet all the requirements needed by the sorority you choose to join in. The requirements needed to be eligible for sorority scholarships are simple.

You know the first requirement, join the sorority. But remember: although sororities offer scholarship to members, there are other groups that grant scholarship to active fellows only.

Second, you must meet the required grades by the sorority. Some sororities require a minimum grade of 2.2 GPA in a full-time status. For freshmen, however, 2.2 GPA is not enough because they need to have at least 2.75 GPA.

Do not be daunted by these requirements because they are there not to scare you away from the sorority. On the contrary, these requirements are there to make sure that all sorority members enjoy a high quality education. Needless to say, the good academic performances of scholars reflect the sororities that they represent.

Truly, sorority members like you must celebrate because you belong in a group that does not only protect your rights as a woman but also gives you opportunities to have good education. More importantly, with all the scholarships that you can get from any sorority in any university in the United States, you can surely get ahead of life.