Start Studying with K-12 Scholarships

Given the money, all parents want to bring their children to private institutions. Sad to say, most of the families are incapable of providing their children with such an education because it is quite expensive. If you have a gifted child, gifted as in bright and talented, then this is when K-12 scholarships come in the scene. These scholarships are the latest opportunities that parents must explore to be able to give a good quality of education to their children.

Private Schools Versus Public Schools

Even though public schools offer the same quality of education as in the private schools, parents still prefer the latter because of the special treatment that the children gets. What is this special treatment? It simply means attention, complete facilities, and safety.

Most especially children from Kindergarten to 12th grade, they need special attention from their teachers regarding their academic progress. Like it or not, most public school teachers fail to give this attention to their students because of the number of students that each teacher handles. So instead of helping out children who are in need of guidance in academics, the attention of public school teachers usually go to outstanding students only. Unlike in those schools, private schools ensure that every student is well-monitored by the teacher whether outstanding or not.

Aside from attention, private schools also provide complete facilities for the development and safety of the students. From playgrounds, gyms, art rooms, etc. to security officers, private schools ensure parents that their children are always safe and well-guided all the time.

Finding Scholarships for K-12 Students

If you know where to go and whom to approach, you will surely get a good K-12 scholarship for your child. Most of these scholarships are provided by K-12 schools or some charitable foundations. All these three provide scholarships for children from Kindergarten to 12th grade who deserve a financial aid. Some examples of the foundations that grant such scholarship are the Commonwealth Foundation, Washington Scholarship Fund, and Archdiocese of Washington.

Aside from schools and foundations, there are also some groups of people that give scholarships to members of minority groups. If your child belongs in any of the minority groups, then he has a big chance to get scholarships from such sponsors like the Latino Student Fund.

But, don't worry if your child does not meet the requirements of those minority groups, schools, or foundations. You can still find more K-12 scholarships for your child.

Unusual K-12 Scholarships

In looking for K-12 scholarships, don't depend on the usual sponsors too much. From time to time, you should know how to think out of the box. Come on, you can also find such scholarships in other places other than in schools, foundations, or minority groups.

Take summer camps as examples. As surprising as it is, summer camps offer a special form of education to your child. These camps can improve your child's interpersonal skills, creativity, or who knows? You might discover your child's hidden talents because of these camps. Needless to say, some summer camps are for free.

Other than summer camps, you can also trust contest organizations. They usually hold various competitions for children and provide scholarships to the contest winners. If your child is good in spelling, Math, Science, or in other subjects, register him in the competitions given by these organizations. In case he wins, you won't have to think about his educational expenses anymore.

If there are scholarships for academics, there are also scholarships for talents. If you have a daughter who loves catwalks and stages, then you might want to register her name in a beauty contest. Such a contest also gives K-12 scholarships to young beauties. Meanwhile, if your child loves arts and music, he can join in a try-out which is given by private art institutes every year.

Eligibility Requirements

Like college scholarships, K-12 scholarships require you as a parent to submit a financial record to prove that your child needs financial assistance. Aside from the financial record, your child's abilities also count. For children in Kindergarten, their abilities and talents are usually the bases of scholarships; whereas for children from the 1st grade up to the 12th grade, their academic performances are the main considerations of such scholarships.

So whether for his academic excellence or talents, your child can receive a K-12 scholarship. But don't forget, your child needs to meet these qualifications first.