Statistics Scholarship: Counting the Odds for a Better Future

With passion for numbers and data analysis, statistics will also be a rewarding course for your undergraduate study. However, you may also be one of the many students who may wonder how they may apply this field of mathematical study in real life and translate it into a higher paying income. Although statistics is not as popular as business-related college courses, your specialization on this academic discipline could help you secure jobs in all types of business and even qualify for a position in the government.

With a college degree in statistics, you may also seek a good career in education and finance, as well as find opportunities in relative areas of medicine and science. There's a good chance that you'll end up teaching in college or may also consider doing statistical research. But either way, you'll get better shots for a fulfilling career with scholarship grants from non-government organizations and public agencies, as they help reduce the cost of your tuition fees.

Statistics Scholarship Grants

You may find a list of sponsors for this program through web directories or government agencies. You may also check with the statistics or mathematics department of nearby colleges and universities.

A good example is the California State University. It offers scholarship grants for both graduate and undergraduate studies amounting to $500 or more, Meanwhile, in Iowa State University, you may also receive as much as $15,000 worth of college funds. University of South Alabama and South Carolina also offers statistics scholarship for their outstanding students with the potential for academic excellence.

The program is also extended to women and minorities deemed to be the ones less interested to take the course. The Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship can actually award up to $1,000 worth of financial aid to women who have taken interest in this subject. It is open for incoming freshmen and students who wish to pursue a Master's degree.

Not all scholarships are granted based on financial need. There are also those that wouldn't even require an application but only an endorsement from the faculty. In some universities, they may even choose only one benefactor for the whole year. So don't limit your options just to one. If you want, you can send as many applications as possible. You may also get in touch with companies who do statistics research or even file a request in private sectors that generate special funds for this cause.

Things to Keep in Mind

There's a good number of sponsors that you can turn to. But even if they're scattered all over the country, remember that there's only a limit to the number of scholarship awards they can give away. Knowing this odd, you should focus on how you will include yourself on that priority list. You can start by scoring high with good grades. Keep the numbers rising on math-related subjects and be consistent. So even if your financial need could not be as grave as the others, you can still be considered to receive a college fund because of your potentials and proven skills. It will also be a plus to see yourself get involved with more extracurricular activities. Although this won't guarantee an approval for your request, you can always take your best shot by leaving a good impression.

Filing your request for a scholarship grant can be a tedious process. But as soon as you start submitting the requirement, all you have to do is wait for a call. As such, you must secure application forms from your chosen university or foundation as early as possible. Check the complete list of requirement and get into work. Basic requirements would include a copy of your transcript of records and letters of recommendation from the school or your own math professor. In order to qualify, you also have to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or even higher depending on the standards of your sponsor. Meanwhile, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) result will also be a good reference for incoming freshmen.

If there's one more thing you have to worry about aside from your essay and resume, it is the nerve-wracking exam. Other scholarship institutions may include this in their application process. So instead of getting nervous and all confused, gain more confidence by reviewing your notes beforehand. You may also receive a letter or a call for verification. However, also expect to be invited for an interview with one of the members of the selection committee.

With limited scholarship grants, there's a fair chance that you may not be one of the lucky recipients. But in doing a research and taking time to be familiar with different organizations that provide the said assistance, you can explore more ways to have that much-coveted statistics scholarship.