Teachers Grants: A great Way to Lure People to Shift to a Teaching Career

The decreasing number of qualified teachers in the United States is becoming so obvious that the public education system is now significantly being affected. One proof to such a scarcity is the country’s need to hire foreign trained teachers and the decreasing quality of education. To address such problems, the federal government has launched a teacher’s grant intended to entice more people to teach.

The United States Department of Education has released millions in grants to support its Transition to Teaching program. Such grants have been awarded to different educational institutions to provide incentives for student teachers. The grants persuade student teachers and non-teaching specialty students to pursue a career in teaching, especially in high-need school districts and in low income rural areas.

The Transition to Teaching program aims to recruit, support and train qualified mid-career professionals and recent non-teaching college graduates to shift career to become teachers. Under the program, these professionals will be trained to become teachers via alternative routes to state approved teacher certification. Such teacher certification training will be done on a reduced time period and will be based on the individual’s experience, academic qualifications and expertise.

The program provides five-year grants to state and local educational agencies, non profit institutions, for profit organizations and higher education institutions. Once an institution has been granted a teachers grant, the institution should create and implement a comprehensive training program for its teacher candidates. Once the teachers have graduated from the program, they should teach in schools and districts with high needs for at least three years or depending on the agreement.

For individuals interested in such a teachers grant, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has a list of student scholarships and grants in the country. AFT has a Loan Forgiveness and Teacher Scholarship list which includes federal loan forgiveness programs, state-specific grants and private funds. Federal loan forgiveness programs help to cancel the federal student loans of teachers and student teachers. To forgive such loans, the teachers may be required to teach in high-need places. State-specific grants may also require the teachers to teach in low-income areas.
Meanwhile, one of the private teachers grant for teachers is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund-Fellowships for Aspiring Teachers of Color. Such grant aims to recruit, support and retain people of color to pursue a career in teaching. Such grant provides about $30,000 to minority, undergraduate student teachers who will pursue a Masters degree. In exchange, the student teachers must teach in a public school while completing the degree. The grant will provide support and mentoring throughout the student’s teaching commitment. Furthermore, it will also provide support and guidance towards the teaching certification process. Since 1992, the program has already awarded about $8 million in grants and financial assistance. It is so effective that more than 60 percent of its fellows remained in the field of teaching for more than five years.