Using a Scholarship Essay Template in Writing Your Own

An excellent scholarship essay is basically an excellent essay. An excellent essay is basically an essay that grabs the attention of the reader at the onset with its distinct but unified parts and never lets go of the reader until the last sentence is read and understood.

Unlike a scientific method, there may be no specific formula in writing an excellent scholarship essay or even an excellent essay. However, just like a scientific project, an excellent scholarship essay has prototypes. Scholarship essay templates are samples of the best and most excellent written scholarship essays that may serve as a pattern for you to write your own excellent scholarship essay.

This is not to say that in having a scholarship essay template as a prototype, you will be producing a clone of it for your own essay. Cloning is still a debatable issue in science. Similarly, it is a mortal sin in writing and is known as plagiarism. Think of it this way: all human beings have just the same anatomical features. However, every person is unique, and in the case of the extraordinary and prominent people, they are not only unique. They stand out from the rest, or at the very least they stand high above the others. Apply this as an analogy to a scholarship essay. You will write in your own original way, but the effectiveness of a scholarship essay template is that you are shown the anatomy of an excellent scholarship essay. The anatomy shows that all essays have three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

What goes into the essay’s introduction? An introduction invites the reader to come close and gradually get into the content and argument of the essay. An introduction, as the essay’s appetizer, should be appealing, not appalling, to read. When writing an introduction, think of an interesting beginning.

Scholarship essay templates show how effective writers attack their essays’ topic with interesting introductions. There are some tested techniques. Some scholarship essay templates begin with a quote related to the essays’ particular themes. Famous lines from famous people may be effective because of two possible reasons. First, it makes the reader thinks that the writer of the scholarship essay is a wide reader and an intellectual of sorts, someone who is fit to be a scholar. Second, the famous lines of the personalities “lend” their fame to the essay.

An introduction that captures human interest captures the reader’s interest. Many scholarship essay templates open up with introductions that lead to emotionally-intense or extremely powerful stories of human struggles, conflicts, and other exciting or engaging experiences. The stories may be personal or belong to somebody else who had a close relationship or a lasting influence to the writer. The tales may be of losing a loved one, or of overcoming handicaps, or of surviving near-death situations, or of achieving one’s goal despite traumatic rejection and humiliation. Readers don’t tend to argue or disagree, they just extend their empathy and sympathy.

Whatever approach is applied, scholarship essay templates show that an introduction attempts to attract and not to distract the readers into reading the rest of the article as it leads to the essay’s body.

If an introduction should be interesting, the body should be convincing. The introduction shows the essay’s contention, the body provides the content. Scholarship essay templates show that an essay’s body has a convincing content because of details that are comprehensive if not complete. The essay’s body may employ various techniques to clearly support, supplement, compliment, and complement the scholarship essay’s main statement.

To explain a point, scholarship essay templates show that they may use examples. For example, if the scholarship essay talks about a vacation, the paragraphs of the body may mention different exciting places that the writer has visited.

Scholarship essay templates also have bodies that have analogies. By pointing out differences and/or similarities between two things through analogy, comparison, or contrast, a scholarship essay can clearly explain a topic without having to use too much of generalized statements. A reader will have a more satisfying sip of an essay about one’s preference of coffee over tea if what will be read is a comparison of the taste, smell, caffeine level, caloric content, sources, chemical properties, and metabolic effects of coffee and tea than just reading a lengthy explanation that basically states that coffee has a rich aroma not present in tea.

A body may also attack a topic by means of cause and effect. An example of determining the cause and enumerating the effects would be stating that corruption is the main cause of poverty in third world countries, and that it has caused several negative implications from economic to social to the psychological state of the people.

As for the conclusion, scholarship essay templates show that the last part must effectively put a very good concluding end to the essay. If the beginning must be interesting, the body must be convincing, then the conclusion must be decisive.

All in all, scholarship essay templates provide the prototype, but the body, mind, heart, and soul of an effective scholarship essay will come from your original writing