Wealth of Scholarships for Library and Information Science Students

Information-seekers, from voracious readers to systematic researchers, can very much succeed in the field of Library and Information Science. Aside from assisting library users, they also learn collecting, organizing, and preserving information. Course programs usually include topics such as database management, collection management, information systems and technology, cataloging, reference, and information architecture.

If you are fascinated by the wonders of information, then you may start by looking for universities and colleges offering scholarships in Library and Information Science studies. You can also browse through some affiliated library organizations. They also have various educational grants from which students can choose from.

Specialized Library Science Studies

Like all other degrees, Library and Information Science also has a lot of specializations. All kinds of libraries can be found in different communities all over the country. State universities and community colleges have libraries within their campuses. Cultural organizations and historical institutions also offer library services. With all the employment opportunities available in each kind, students can simply choose their preferred field of study and even enjoy scholarship programs offered by various library organizations.

For Library Science graduate students interested in religious library studies, the Catholic Library Association (CLA) offers the Rev. Andrew L. Bouwhuis Memorial Scholarship worth $1,500 to cover your expenses in graduate school.

The Music Library Association gives awards to recognize those who came up with excellent music reviews, music-related articles, and music research materials. Some of them are the Richard S. Hill Award, Vincent H. Duckles Award, and the Eva Judd O'Meara Award.

The Cunningham Memorial International Fellowship, the MLA/NLM Spectrum Scholarship, the Hospital Libraries Section/MLA Professional Development Grants, and the Thomson Scientific/ MLA Doctoral Fellowship are just some of the fellowship grants and graduate study scholarships offered by the Medical Library Association.

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) understands the significance of professional growth among those intending to become law librarians. Their list of scholarships and grants give preference to members of minority groups. Included are the AALL & Thomson West - George A. Strait Minority Scholarship Endowment and the AALL Educational Scholarships.

For application procedures and complete lists of scholarships, please look into their websites.

National Scholarships

The American Library Association (ALA) is sponsoring most of the Library and Information Science scholarships in the United States. Although it does not offer scholarships to undergraduates, it has a lot of grants where graduate students can benefit from. Some of these scholarship programs are the Mary V. Gaver Scholarship (offered to librarians planning to take advance degrees particularly in library youth services), the Miriam L. Hornback Scholarship (granted to a library support staff intending to earn a Master's degree), the ALA Spectrum Scholarship (open to applicants belonging to minority groups and are interested in pursuing further studies), and the Frederic G. Melcher Scholarship (gives financial aid to professionals who have plans of getting into graduate school and eventually work in a children's library).

For a detailed list of national scholarships offered to Library and Information Science majors, please visit the ALA website.

State-based Scholarships

The Washington Library Media Association is offering several scholarships and financial grants to library and information science students and professionals.

Washington residents working as school library media specialists and are taking tertiary level library media studies can apply for the WLMA Award worth $1,000. The WLMA Memorial Award will be awarded to any Washington State resident who earned a bachelor's degree and is now planning to have advance study. The Student Grant-in-Aid worth $1,000 is open to any Washington State undergraduate planning to undergo library media training and work in an academic setting.

For graduate students who live in Washington and have worked as school library media specialists, try applying for an Eleanor Ahlers Scholarship for Professional Development worth $2,000. Financial support for graduate school is now within reach for graduate students belonging to ethnic minorities and are working or will be working in school libraries. They may qualify for a John Stanford Memorial WLMA Scholarship worth $1,000.

For library and information science professionals, you may apply for scholarships offered to library professionals. For WLMA members who are school library media specialists, you may apply for the Sharon Bates Professional Growth Scholarship which shoulders the expenses incurred during a workshop, national conference, or course program. The Danny Bond Library Para-professional Award is given to a Washington-based school library para-professionals to participate in a workshop, national conference, or course program which will cost $1,000 for one delegate or $500 for two.

For other state-based scholarship grants, you can visit your state’s library association website.

University-sponsored Scholarships

At the Wayne University in Michigan, Library and Information Science (LIS) majors may choose among several scholarships. Most of their scholarships are offered to graduate students of any LIS course. Some of them are the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, the Edith B. Phillips Endowed Scholarship, the LIS General Scholarship, the Sallie Ellison Memorial Endowed Scholarship, and the Judith J. Field Scholarship.

For complete scholarship information, please refer to their website.