What is a Military Grant?

The United States government can provide a qualified individual with an Armed Forces financial aid grant, also known as a military grant, across various arms of the US military forces. Among the offered military grants are the Army grant, Navy grant, Air Force grant, Marine grant and Coast Guard grant.

The US Army offers elected individuals the SEAP or Spouse Educational Assistance Program. These individuals should be married to members of the United States army currently serving the country in Europe, Okinawa, Japan or Korea. The program offers a maximum amount of approximately three hundred dollars every term.

The United States Navy’s STAP, also known as the Spouse Tuition Aid Program, is available to service members working overseas for the navy. A serviceman’s spouse may be a full-time or part-time college or university student. Approval of any applications for this program covers applicants who wish to pursue a course certification, a graduate program or an undergraduate degree. The maximum rates of the financial aid offered may range from three hundred dollars every semester and a thousand five hundred dollars per annum for undergrads. Graduates who apply for a military grant may receive three hundred and fifty dollars for a semester and a thousand seven hundred fifty per year.

An Air Force grant is able to provide financial aid towards the education of spouses and children of deceased or active members of the United States Air Force. Applicants who qualify for the grant may receive approximately two thousand dollars every year of study. In detail, a USAF military grant includes the cost of education and the applicant’s family income as factors for college aid approval.

Marine military grants also offer up to a couple of thousand US dollars per year in financial aid, much like the aforementioned Air Force grant, for applicants who are members currently involved in active duty. The members must have been accepted for the Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program, Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program and Enlisted Commissioning program.

The CGMA or Coast Guard Mutual Assistance program, is a kind of military grant which gives yearly funds to a student to help pay for any miscellaneous college or university expenses. The influx of cash may be used to aid any family member of the military grant applicant, although these same funds cannot be funneled towards tuition and other costs directly related to education. A military grant like that of the Coast Guard’s can instead be used towards related expenses, such as school supplies, books for the degree or course and student housing.

These types of grants are government-aided funds which help the partner of any enlisted personnel start their college or university education or maintain it during financially arduous periods. If an enlisted person’s partner wishes to continue his or her education, start funding further time in the academe or even travel to national schools or those abroad to widen his or her academic horizons, bolster the depth of study and supplement his or her academic experience, a military grant may be essential.